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Commando operation in Syria captured on video

Commando operation in Syria captured on video

Below is an extremely confusing video that’s almost impossible to figure out. However, once you understand various aspects, you’ll agree with me that we’re seeing commando action in Syria. My guess is that a Russian military adviser was the target. It’s actually quite chilling to see how easily the unidentified commandos struck. This is the only way to stop future wars. Those who refuse to cooperate must die.

Commando patience

There’s no gore in the video. First watch it.

Reporter Roman Saponkov shot the video over several days and edited pieces together randomly. On June 2, 2016, fighters loyal to Bashar al-Assad launched an offensive to take back the al-Tabqa Air Base.


Eleven units from Syria, Iraq, Russia, and Lebanon failed miserably and fled, leaving behind massive amounts of heavy equipment and weapons.

Bashar al-Assad now relies on foreign allies and Syrian militia. The video above shows that these men have no fighting skills whatsoever. They tried to make a stand at Safiya crossroad, where ruthless commandos absolutely slaughtered them. Although the Islamic State is taking credit for all of this, that’s a lie. Somebody armed with hugely destructive weapons ambushed Syrian naval commandos.



It looks like air strikes to me.

In addition, the Syrians lost main battle tanks (MBTs)


Look how the armor plate is bent outward. Whatever hit that MBT, it wasn’t an antitank guided missile (ATGM). Here’s what a tank looks like after an ATGM knocks it out.


Besides, the Islamic State is experiencing a crisis in morale.

Not a commando

This story is more reflective of what’s really happening in Syria.



“We got smashed, man.”

Yes. That’s what fuel-air explosives (FAE) do. They smash you flat.

I honestly don’t blame Mohammed Ali Baryalei for crying. In case you don’t know, the Arab League and its allies are hitting the Islamic State harder and faster than anyone has ever experienced.


Dr. al-Obeidi is the Iraqi Defense Minister. He’s telling the absolute truth. At least 500 “Sunni fighters” have infiltrated Mosul in preparation for the offensive. Those are Arab League commandos. They had to have done the same thing in Fallujah.

The commandos identified booby traps and killed important leaders the way they did the Russian adviser at Safiya crossroad. There’s no limit to the damage that these men can do, as I’ll show you.

Commando ruthlessness

First, we see that Assad’s men are buffoons. They had two Russian 122mm 2S1 Gvozdika self-propelled howitzers.

2S1 Gvozdika

Heavy artillery uses separate projectiles (on the right) and charges (red arrow).


You put the projectile into the breech of the gun and follow it with a charge.

Assad’s men had piled up their charges beside the gun. The charges caught fire.

2S1 Gvozdika.2

Accident? Sabotage? Who knows? But this was no accident.


It was a remotely detonated explosive device on the ground or buried in the dirt. This was the target.


An important commander was riding in that vehicle.

Reporter Roman Saponkov said that the truck hit a land mine, but nobody had any forewarning that Assad’s forces would make a stand at Safiya crossroad. There was no reason for the Islamic State to plant one land mine there. That specific vehicle was chosen for destruction.

How do I know?

Commando subtlety

What the difference between these images?



Did you catch it?


Before the commandos remotely detonated the roadside bomb, there was a stop sign by the road. It’s quite close to where the commandos placed the explosive.


But it obscured their view of the target area. Therefore sometime during one of the many nights that that Assad’s men slept, commandos removed the stop sign. You can see the light-colored patch on the road where it was.


They cleared away brush as well, and they removed the sign below.


You know what that means, don’t you?

Commando deceit

A truly brilliant Korean horror movie is R-Point. During the Vietnam War, South Korean troops fought on the American side. In the film, a unit of Koreans on a mission sends a radio message asking for help, so a second detachment is sent to find them. The lost men are at R-Point, the name of a location on a military map.

Before the rescue squad leaves, they take a group photo together. At R-Point, they find an abandoned temple near a field that has an ancient stone with Chinese writing carved into it. The writing says that in this place, Chinese invaders killed Vietnamese civilians and dumped them into a lake. The area is sacred to Vietnamese.

Strange things start happening to the rescue squad as they camp in the temple and go on daily excursions. One night on sentry duty, a soldier joins another in a foxhole, and they start talking. Suddenly the soldier who arrived realizes that he doesn’t know the other man.

“WHO ARE YOU?” he screams and runs back into the temple. The officer in charge of the eight-man detachment counts all the beds: nine. But in the group photo, there are ten soldiers.


Nobody can remember the name of the tenth man, who has now disappeared. It’s a terrifying concept. There was something supernatural among them the whole time.

Now Bashar al-Assad and his men are living that movie. Arab League commandos have infiltrated all of Assad’s militias. Over a period of days, they removed the signs and shrubbery from Safiya crossroad, planted the bomb, and waited until the right moment to detonate it. They killed someone significant.

Assad’s troops ran from the scene in complete disorder. They left behind huge amounts of undamaged weapons that the Islamic State captured.


But take heart.

Commando bravery

This is from the same blog post that includes the photo above.

[A] black square is applied on any armoured fighting vehicle (AFV), including VBIEDs, overhauled by the Islamic State’s armour workshop in Raqqa.


At least three BMP-based VBIEDs would be sent off against advancing regime forces during the course of the offensive. Remarkably, not one managed to actually detonate its payload, and all three were captured intact, comprising vehicles with serial numbers ‘212’, ‘202’ and ‘222’.

It’s not remarkable that three armored suicide vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (SVBIEDs) failed to detonate; it’s sabotage. Arab League commandos have infiltrated the Islamic State in Syria to the point that the terrorist organization is completely unable to function. They aren’t the only ones: Several days ago, Arab League commandos tricked the Russians into bombing Hezbollah.

I’m not exposing any secrets. Assad and the Islamic State know exactly what’s happening to them.

The irony of all this is that Bashar al-Assad murdered and tortured his people with men called “Shabiha.”



Now, real ghosts are everywhere in Syria. Instead of being sadistic, drug-addled physical freaks, they’re Arab League commandos who dispense justice.


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