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Comparison: self-defense and intent to murder

Comparison: self-defense and intent to murder

Words have meanings. Every single time that an Israeli soldier kills a Palestinian, the world screams “MURDER!” I support Israel, AND I support Saudi Arabia and Iraq. All three nations are doing incredible work to improve the Middle East. Therefore I don’t criticize these countries publicly. Others can do that. However, it’s time to make a graphic comparison between self-defense and murder.

I’m going to use two videos. Both show highly trained and disciplined soldiers in action. The end results are polar opposites.

Comparison begins

Another young Palestinian decided that she wanted to be a famous martyr. Therefore she put on her sexiest, tightest jeans and went out to stab Israeli soldiers.

Despite the fact that she lunged at them, one soldier fired only one round.

You can see the edges of her hijab flying outward from the force of the impact.

The soldiers didn’t kill her, even though she wanted desperately to die.

As a result of endless lying, I’m now indifferent to complaints about the treatment of Palestinians. All I hear is this.

For over six months, I studied the Palestinian casualty lists from 2014. They told me the following.

Five times as many males as females died.

In the seven to seventeen age cohort, twice as many males as females died.

Almost no infants or elderly people died.

Comparison to reality

Even though Palestinian terrorist organizations commemorated the deaths of combatants, the names still appear on lists of civilian casualties. The al-Mezan Center for Humans Rights (AMCHR) published 507 names of “civilian children.”

20. Anas Yousef Qandeel, 17.


Palestinian Islamic Jihad al-Quds Brigades.

53. Waseem Rida Salhiyeh (red arrow), 15
54. Mohammed Bassam Al Sorri (violet arrow), 17.


Both members of the Fatah Abu Rish Brigades.

137. Hadi Salah Abu Hasanein, 12.
138. Abdel Azeez Salah Abu Hasanein, 14.


Both members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad al-Quds Brigades.

186. Mohannad Ashaf al-Qarra, 17.


Palestinian Islamic Jihad al-Quds Brigades.

194. Bilal Ahmed al-Hashash (green arrow), 16.


Hamas Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades.

The AMCHR missed twins Sa’ad and Anas al-Skafi because the Ministry of Health listed them as 18-year-old civilians. In reality they were 17.



Palestinian Islamic Jihad al-Quds Brigades.

The accusations made against Israel are complete fabrications. When the Israelis decide to commit genocide, you’ll know it by the piles of corpses that reach the sky.

Comparison to genuine terrorism

Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah has many links to criminal gangs in Brazil.

The Brazilian federal Police are investigating Hezbollah for trading weapons, human trafficking and illegal deals with the local mafia, according to reports in the Brazilian press.

As the Rio de Janeiro-based paper “O Globo” reports, an eight year old suspicion has now become substantiated as new investigations have shown deeper connections between Hezbollah and the Brazilian mafia.

According to documents presented by the Brazilian authorities, “foreign criminals” have opened new paths for providing Brazilian criminal groups with weapons. One of these local groups is the outfit “First Command of the Capital” (PCC), the largest criminal organization of Brazil that controls the inside life of many prisons mainly in the capital São Paulo.

Much of the mafia in Brazil is comprised of “militias.”

The militias are heavily armed, and their leaders are state security agents like active duty or retired police, military troops, firemen and prison guards, which makes them “a criminal branch within the state,” [legislator Marcelo] Freixo said.

A single one of the 170 militias investigated by the CPI – now totalling 300 – was making 97,000 dollars a day. “That’s a lot of money. It can buy many weapons and many people,” said Freixo, who currently chairs another commission investigating arms dealing, munitions and explosives in Rio de Janeiro state.

In his view, these illegal groups “represent the greatest threat to public security today,” because they commit crimes “within the state, and have plans to occupy the corridors of power,” he said.

Many leaders of the PCC and some of the most violent militias live in Duque de Caxias, an affluent city bordering Rio de Janeiro.

Comparison becomes gruesome

The head of a militia in Duque de Caxias was Berem do Pilar.

His shirt says, “A violent blow is what kills the animal.”

The name “Berem” is Arabic. I can find no information on this man except that he was a former police officer and had committed over fifty murders. His contacts in the government, the army, and law enforcement allowed him to commit his crimes openly. He enjoyed posing as a thug.

Berem do Pilar was a “pre-candidate” for city council, meaning that his party had announced that he would be running in the upcoming elections.

On July 2, 2016, somebody shot him to death in front of his house. Although the video is very violent, there is no gore. This man was a murderer. He lived by the sword. Therefore he died by it.

The two killers are soldiers, not rogue police or rival gang members. They choreographed the attack 100 percent, from beginning to end.

First they disabled do Pilar by firing through the car windows and hitting his right shoulder. Then they blocked his exit with their own car. The man with the rifle went around behind and fired at do Pilar’s legs. At the same time, the other man used a very small-caliber pistol. I’m sure that this was to prevent collateral damage. After do Pilar fell, the man with the rifle stepped back while the other man used his second, much larger pistol.

Every Brazilian news outlet says that the man with the rifle took photos of Berem do Pilar’s face with a cell phone. This isn’t true.

Now I’ll prove (again) why you should trust only me.

There’s no comparison to professionals

The man with the rifle empties his magazine. Then he turns the rifle sideways. The red arrow shows the rifle receiver, where the magazine of cartridges is put.

Now rifle is turned sideways. That’s why you can’t see the magazine.

Why did he turn the rifles sideways? Because he was changing magazines. He had a second full magazine in the left front pocket of his jeans.

First he removes the empty magazine from the rifle with his left hand.

Then he takes the fresh magazine from his left front pocket while still holding the empty magazine in the same hand. Note that the rifle has no magazine (red arrow).

He slips the fresh magazine into the rifle with the same hand that holds the empty magazine.

Finally he pulls back the charging handle, putting a live round in the chamber.

When he leaves, you can see the empty magazine in his left hand (red arrow) and the fresh magazine in the rifle.

So if that isn’t a cell phone, what’s he doing below?

He’s feeling Berem do Pilar’s neck for a pulse, using the fingertips of his left hand.

Civilized by comparison

No member of the mafia or a drug-trafficking ring would check for a pulse. Only a professional soldier would take the time to make absolutely sure that the target was dead.

Both men wear massively heavy body armor.

It doesn’t hinder their calm, deliberate movements in the slightest. They obviously used subsonic ammunition, which is very quiet and doesn’t create large wounds. This is the reason why there’s so little blood.

The two killers trained for years to carry out operations like this. I’ve never seen a person change magazines and charge a rifle so smoothly and with such speed while walking and holding a bulky object in the same hand.

Thirty seconds was all it took to kill a powerful criminal in a neighborhood where he obviously felt safe. All his political and military connections meant nothing.

In comparison to the men who killed him, Berem do Pilar was an impersonator. He had no idea how deadly people can become when the stakes get high enough.

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