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Enemies of Israel have begun to reap the whirlwind

Enemies of Israel have begun to reap the whirlwind

I’m very excited. The worst people on earth are getting what they deserve. They chose to become enemies of Israel and the Jewish people. Extremely stupid move.

For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.

—Hosea 8:7

It’s no longer “shall.” We’ve entered the present tense. The enemies of Israel are reaping the whirlwind.

This viral video is interesting on several levels.

The captured Islamic State terrorist is wounded in the thigh and buttock, which is why he’s wailing.

We briefly see two special-operations soldiers.

One has a pair of handcuffs (red arrow), and both are wearing Norwegian desert camouflage.

Are they Norwegian special operators? There’s no way to know. You can buy this pattern of desert camouflage commercially. However, the fact that both operators are wearing the same uniform makes it more likely that they are in fact Norwegians. Europeans have a long tradition of fighting secret wars; the very survival of Europe now depends on eradicating the Islamic State and al-Qaeda and overthrowing the Iranian mullahs. What I thought was impossible is actually a near-certainty.

If Norwegians are fighting in Iraq, it’s no wonder that Islamic State defections are rising sharply. Norwegians are utterly ruthless warriors who preserve the ancient Viking traditions.

Valhalla is “the Hall of the Slain.” In Norse mythology, the god Odin determines which half of those killed in combat will enter Valhalla, taken there by valkyries.

The word “valkyrie” means “chooser of the slain.” In Valhalla, the dead warriors join other einherjar, the “once-fighters,” as well as Nordic and Germanic heroes and kings.

While half of fallen Nordic warriors go to Valhalla, the other half are taken to Fólkvangr, the “field of the host,” a meadow ruled by the goddess Freyja. It’s similar to Fiddler’s Green, a place of perpetual mirth and drinking, adopted by the US military as the destination of fallen warriors.

In Valhalla the dead warriors eat, drink, and fool around with sexy wenches.

They’re waiting to fight in Ragnarök, an apocalyptic war that will kill off most of the major Nordic gods and destroy the earth with monsters, serpents, natural disasters, fire, and a flood.

Then the world will emerge from the water, the surviving gods will return, and humankind will be recreated by one man and one woman—Líf and Lífþrasir.

Since Nazis and white supremacists appropriated Norse mythology, the Norwegian press and government were horrified to find out that the battle cry of their combat troops is “To Valhalla!”


Norwegian soldier and a fake sugar-glass bottle.

Norwegian snipers.

Iranian-Norwegian soldier named Iman, fighting in Afghanistan.

Algerian-Norwegian Sergeant Abdirahim Somail.

“It’s not always possible to have the religious requirements fit in with the daily routine,” he says. In other words, “Shut up and stop demanding to be coddled.”

There’s no question that Norway has a terrible history of antagonism to Jews. However, much of the current anti-Israel blather is fake. The Norwegian government sells arms to Israel through its American subsidiary, Nammo Talley. And despite all the hand wringing about the war in Yemen, the Norwegian government sells arms to the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Norway even sells arms to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the Sudan, using the Czech Republic as middleman. In terms of the actual value of each weapon sold, Norway is one of the largest arms exporters on earth.

I’m not Jewish, so I can’t tell Jewish people how to feel about this. If asked, I’d say, “Actions count more than words.” If the Norwegians are helping Israel behind the scenes, is their sanctimonious moral preening all that important?

The world is going through massive changes at the moment. Almost all of them are good. I never thought I’d see virtually everyone close ranks to protect Israel, but that’s what’s happening.

Again, Jewish people might be disgusted by the fact that many nations are doing so only out of self-interest. After all, the best jihadist-killers are Israelis. But if asked, I’d say this to Jewish people: “Try and separate the security forces from their bosses the politicians and from the average goon on the street.”

I once got an e-mail from an Arab special operator.

Please tell your Israeli friends that we, as proud Muslims, would die for them. They are our family.

Pardon me while I name-drop with a deafening clatter.

One of my Twitter pals is President Roseanne Barr.

She’s an exceptionally brilliant person and one of my heroes because—like Israel—she beat all the odds and won. And like the Arab special operator who contacted me, she says that Middle Easterners are all family. That’s why she’s optimistic about the future.

I am too. The Middle East won’t become the Garden of Eden overnight, if ever. But it’s absolutely clear that a corner has been turned. Two weeks ago, the most dangerous terrorist on earth met his inevitable fate.

According to reports from inside the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), Qassem Suleimani, the notorious commander of the terrorist Qods Force, has suffered severe shrapnel wounds, including in the head, while at Aleppo’s southern front two weeks ago.

Qassem Suleimani’s vehicle that was there for him to oversee an operation by the revolutionary guards and a number of hired forces was targeted by the Free Syrian Army severely injuring Suleimani.

It’s simply not possible that the Free Syrian Army got lucky. Suleimani would not have been anywhere near the front line. He’s too valuable to risk, and it’s not necessary. Do you know where General Tommy Franks was located while he commanded Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan?

Tampa, Florida.

Suleimani had to go to Syria because so many top Iranian and Hezbollah commanders have been killed. It was an act of desperation. Every time Suleimani broke cover, he was taking a risk. The odds finally caught up with him. It’s a lead-pipe cinch—to quote my father—that the Israelis nailed him. I believe that the Russians are giving Israel these terrorist commanders. The IDF made this announcement two days ago.

While it’s very big news that Israel has completed her training for invading Southern Lebanon and destroying Hezbollah, another hugely momentous development is that in the event of such a war, the IDF will coordinate with Russia through the use of a hotline.

That means that Russia supports the destruction of Hezbollah. Period.

Judging by Israeli arms sales, Israel and the Arab League made peace in late 2008. Thus the international press is now smearing the Arab League with the same fervor that it does Israel. Here’s a hilariously moronic piece by Australian Adam Bailes.

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) now describes the Yemen conflict as the worst destruction it has ever seen.

And a recent ICRC report declared: “After five months, Yemen looks like Syria after five years.”


Looks just like Syria. So war torn that the reporters can’t stop smiling.

Back to Adam Bailes’s lies.

Well, the building on the left is unscathed.

Why would the Coalition target every single structure? Don’t ask me. It’s such an incredible waste of bombs that not even Bashar al-Assad has fought like that. But when the Houthis are gripping your scrotum, and they’re twisting hard, you say what they want you to say. In a very high-pitched voice.

Hundreds of thousands have fled the city. Weird, since Sa’dah had a population of 51,870. I guess Yemenis wanted to be bombed, so they flocked to Sa’dah by the hundreds of thousands, experienced the thrill of air raids, and then left.

No. The Coalition didn’t bomb that building. An explosives cache blew up when some Houthi high on khat tripped and fell into a box of landmines. Here’s what the site looked like after the explosion.

Then the Houthis brought in excavators and other earth-moving equipment, tore down more of the buildings, and dug a crater.

Abracadabra! A war crime.

And finally.

Where’s the crater? There isn’t one because that aircraft was destroyed by a ground-based weapon, almost certainly a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) that a drug-addled Houthi fired just for fun.

Yemen has been at war for decades. All the corrupt “human rights” groups are blaming every Houthi atrocity and all the damage from previous conflicts on the Saudi-led Coalition. Well, that dog won’t hunt. Even if the fake figure of 2850 civilians killed were real, it would indicate that the Coalition is taking superhuman care to avoid harming the innocent. We’re talking tens of thousands of air strikes over an eight-month period, as well as three months of ground war with hundreds of armored vehicles and artillery pieces.

As in Gaza, air strikes in Yemen destroy single structures without even scratching adjacent buildings.

Now that the Arab League knows what it’s like to be lied about with total abandon, it’ll make their armed forces feel closer to the IDF. Nothing angers a warrior more than being falsely accused of committing crimes.

And now that Israelis can see that the press and “human rights” groups hate the Arab League as much as they hate Israel, that sense of isolation will diminish.

Attacks on Israel always end the same way.

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