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Enforced tolerance: Live and let live…or you die

Enforced tolerance: Live and let live…or you die

Some events are so obscene that they can drive you insane. This is why I support the Arab League policy of enforced tolerance. In Yemen, Syria, and now Iraq, those who refuse to live and let live are just killed. As they should be.

Asad Shah simply wished his Christian fellow citizens a happy Easter.


For that he was murdered, stabbed and stomped to death by the pious Tanveer Ahmed.


This didn’t happen in some Third World cesspool. Asad Shah was murdered in Glasgow, Scotland. The murderer drove 205 miles (328 kilometers) from Bradford after reading Shah’s Facebook post.

Now the British are wringing their hands. There’s absolutely no need for that. Murderous psychos must be ruthlessly killed, as Arab League strategic special operators are doing. Good behavior is being enforced on pain of death.

Enforced peace

Judging by the number of newly dead jihadists, the Arab League unleashed its most lethal strategic special operators in early February. Hundreds of very bad men in Syria, Yemen, and Iraq have gotten the bum’s rush off the planet. The US military is getting help in showing these people the door.

Recently near Bajar, Iraq, we struck and killed Harris Cary Saneen, also known as Abu Zubari al-Bosni. Zubari, a Swedish national of Bosnian descent, was a trusted member of the cadre of foreign fighters.

That same day near ar-Ragnina, Iraq, we struck and killed Khaled Othman al-Timawi, who was ISIL’s deputy emir of the Anwar Awlaki brigade. Othman was a Swedish-born foreign fighter with many links to Western fighters. He was also a known associate of Omar al-Shishani, who was ISIL’s minister of war, who as you know we killed on March 4th.

The tempo and sheer volume of American targeted killings has increased so dramatically that journalists are noticing.

Steve, I’m sorry, but I’m having a hard time understanding this shift towards Al Qaida/Khorasan—(inaudible)—al-Nusra. The U.S. hadn’t done any such strikes for about a year and a half, and now two in the last week. And I’m just trying to understand. Is it that the U.S. had no possible strikes in a year and a half, and these suddenly came up?

No. What happened was that the Arab League sent thousands of men into Syria and Iraq, they infiltrated and gathered intelligence everywhere, and now there’s a bumper crop of jihadists being harvested. It has to be done. These men will murder anyone who disagrees with them. They themselves must therefore be killed.

Enforced silence

I wrote before about the ethos of the unconventional warriors fighting jihadists in Syria and Iraq.


“To liberate the oppressed.”

After Tanveer Ahmed was arrested for murdering Asad Shah, Ahmed’s lawyer read a self-serving statement about how Shah had to be killed to protect the honor of Islam.

Let me tell you what I know for a fact: The Arab League strategic special operators in Syria and Iraq aren’t interested in the motivations of the people they’re fighting. Jihadists are told to lay down their arms or die. That’s the only conversation taking place.

“First, shut up. Second, stop it or die. Your choice.”

The jihadists are utterly outclassed. If military historians ever come out of their comas and study Syria, they’ll be knocked for a loop. It’s simply not possible to predict the Arab League’s next move. They pulled off another stunner yesterday.

Turkish-backed rebels in northern Syria have been driving Islamic State militants out of vast areas along the frontier with Turkey, seizing a key border town from the extremist group in their latest gains.

The capture overnight Thursday of Rai, about 40 miles northeast of Aleppo, by groups affiliated with the umbrella Free Syrian Army deprives the Islamic State of one of its last border crossings from Turkey into Syria. Rai had been a key conduit for the group to funnel fighters and weapons.

The takeover — confirmed by the rebel groups and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based monitoring organization — represents a major setback for the Islamic State, which depends heavily on smuggling pathways through Turkey.

That wasn’t the Free Syrian Army (FSA). They’re bringing up the rear and getting the credit. The Washington Post didn’t do any research.

“The rebels liberated al-Rai completely yesterday evening after intense clashes with ISIS,” said Col. Haytham Afisi, a commander of the 51st Brigade, a rebel outfit involved in the operation. The Islamic State, a radical al-Qaeda offshoot, is also known as ISIS, ISIL and, in Arabic, Daesh.

During their assault on the town, Afisi said, the rebel forces received support from Turkish artillery and from airstrikes by a U.S.-led coalition that is fighting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Well, the 51st Brigade belongs to Jaysh al-Janoob (Army of the South).



Al-Rai is at the red arrow below.


Nowhere near the area of operations (AO) of the 51st Brigade.

Enforced confusion

The units that took al-Rai had precision artillery support from Turkey.

And the “US-led Coalition air support” was probably not American. As the area north of Aleppo was being attacked, so was the strategic town of al-Eis south of the city. The Syrian Arab Army with Iranian support were said to have carried out that assault. An aircraft was filmed overhead.



That’s a Lockheed AC-130 gunship. Americans don’t fly the AC-130 in the daytime, and that aircraft doesn’t have the two external fuel tanks on the wings. Therefore I believe that it’s an AC-130A that we took out of mothballs and gave to the Arab League, which is what I said months ago.


I’ll let you decide who attacked al-Eis.

Enforced civilization

On April 5, 2016, I wrote that if I were the Turkmens of the al-Sultan Murad Brigades who filmed themselves shelling Kurdish civilians in Sheikh Masqoud, I’d start looking over my shoulder.

Too late!

Kurdish forces of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) on Wednesday clashed with Islamist rebels, and killed and injured dozens near the Kurdish neighborhood of Sheikh Maqsoud in Syria’s northern city of Aleppo, leadership of the YPG said on Wednesday.

The Kurdish neighborhood of Sheikh Maqsoud in Aleppo—held by the YPG fighters—has been exposed to heavy shelling by Islamist rebels over the past few days.

“The clashes, which continued until Wednesday midnight, resulted in the destruction of a tank and a weapons depot for the radical Islamists,” the statement read. “According to preliminary information, more than 36 terrorists have been killed and 70 others injured.”

That was a professional operation. They blew up the rocket stash and killed the rocketeers. I guarantee you that this bearded thing is now dead.


Suddenly all the right people are being offed.

A senior Egyptian al-Qaida figure fighting in Syria was killed in a U.S. drone strike this week, the latest to be killed in such attacks in Syria, a Syrian opposition monitoring group and relatives said Friday.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Rifai Ahmad Taha was killed in a strike Tuesday in the northwestern Idlib province.

Before joining al-Qaida, Taha was a top figure in Egypt’s notorious militant group Gamaa Islamiya, which massacred 58 foreign tourists in the ancient Egyptian city of Luxor in 1997. He was also allied with Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan.

The Observatory’s chief Rami Abdurrahman said several al-Qaida members, including Taha, were killed in Tuesday’s strike. He said one of the dead was identified as Abu Omar al-Masri — which is Arabic for Abu Omar the Egyptian — but that it was not clear if Taha was using that name. Taha was believed to be in his 60s.

Here’s the best part.

Taha had told his family he believed he was being followed and just three days before his death he called his brother from Syria to tell him that the Americans were monitoring his movements.

It wasn’t Americans following him. The ethos “Live and let live” is being enforced by MUSLIMS who have the morality, skills, firepower, and desire to defeat every homicidal fanatic in the region. Don’t believe me? Watch this joint funeral for Muslim Arab and atheist Kurdish fighters in Northern Syria, the sort of ceremony expressly prohibited in Islam.

Can you spot the professionals, sent to protect everyone there, regardless? They’re the ones whose heads and eyes never stop moving.




One even tries to comfort a mourner.


They’re the future, the heavily armed and merciless guardians of freedom. The decision has been made: You will let others live as they see fit, or we’ll kill you. End of story.

In Europe and the US, the security forces are afraid to do their jobs. They think only of themselves, costing others their lives.


I can’t forgive this flabby cowardice. It makes me the angriest I’ve ever been.

But I take solace in the fact that some people have no problem doing the right thing.