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Everybody is spouting total nonsense about the Middle East

Everybody is spouting total nonsense about the Middle East

There are no outside experts on the Middle East. The reason is that the old Middle East disappeared. It secretly passed out of existence in October of 2015. As a result, everybody is still reacting to an utterly dead paradigm.

I myself realized the truth only because I study warfare. Munitions don’t lie.

Everybody is wrong

This is a good example of how off-base everybody is. Both of the people in this tweet are incorrect.

Islamist rebels in Syria are not functional combat units. Just to make sure, today I spent several hours watching their videos. I didn’t find a single one that showed any military skills. In addition, the groups are not actually fighting. They’re just pretending.

Below is Ahrar al-Sham, said to be among the most effective Islamist rebels.

First of all, they’re using Soviet-era ammunition from 1992 at the latest.

They attacked in a tiny formation: two main battle tanks, three infantry fighting vehicles, two “technicals,” five small pickups, and one motorcycle.

No more than fifty men. And they’re hopelessly incompetent. This guy is firing a Chinese W85 heavy machine gun from the hip.

It uses the massive 12.7×108 mm round. Normal soldiers mount it on a tripod.

There’s absolutely no way that the Ahrar al-Sham gunner could hit anything by firing that monster from the hip. It’s for propaganda only.

Everybody overlooks this

Almost all Islamist rebel videos lack enemy return fire. That’s because the videos are playacting. This tank shot a round into bare earth.

There was no target.

And this rifleman fired all his bullets into the ground.

He has zero abilities in marksmanship.

While the assault unit included main battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, the troops dismounted far from their objective and ran across an open field.

Therefore the video is fake. In a real battle, the armored vehicles would’ve poured fire onto the objective and moved in as close as possible. Then the troops would’ve dismounted. In the video above, they all would’ve died during that pointless, suicidal sprint across the field.

If it were a real battle, that is.

Now the cameraman is holding his rifle sideways and spraying the corner of the building.

He’s firing at nothing.

Furthermore, the machine gunner deliberately drops his ammunition belt into the dust, grit, and cement chips on the floor.

All the debris on the ammunition belt will go into the receiver of the weapon. The next time the gunner fires, his weapon will jam. He doesn’t care. Why not?

Because this isn’t real. They stormed empty buildings.

Everybody ignored this

Somebody captured the Artillery Academy in Ramouseh without significantly damaging it.

There are endless reports of “ferocious fighting.” However, there’s almost no sign of violence. Guess what really happened?

The genuine attackers told the occupants of the Artillery Academy to evacuate. There was a demonstration of what would happen to people who stayed.

That’s a swarm of small, guided fragmentation munitions. They hit only in open spaces or the trees. Again, something new. They were a warning.

The attackers told the Syrians to leave behind their identification cards and go home. So the Syrians complied. Here are their identification cards.

It’s a new form of warfare: Kill only as a last resort.

Everybody thinks this is real

I was suspicious about the footage below; now I can prove that it’s fake. Therefore go ahead and watch it. I promise you that nobody died. It’s acting.

The video is supposed to show the killing of a Syria-allied militiaman, probably an Afghan Hazara. First he appears wearing an overcoat and no steel helmet. He casually ignores THE ARMED JIHADIST SHOUTING AT HIM.

Then the jihadist shoots the Afghan six times at point-blank range. The Afghan begins to fall, revealing a rifle.

He lands on the floor.

We see him lying there, still alive. Now he has a steel helmet and no overcoat.

Even though he’s not dead, they didn’t take his rifle. His helmet has a bullet hole right in the forehead, but apparently all six shots hit the kid in the right side of his head. He has no other visible wounds. Despite six bullets from an assault rifle penetrating his skull, he’s still alive, and the small pool of blood isn’t spreading.

There are no spent cartridge cases on the ground. Why not?

Because the “jihadist” didn’t fire a single round. The safety lever of his rifle was in the “On” position.

This was all a performance. One bullet from an AK-47 would’ve exploded the Afghan’s head. There should’ve been nothing left of him from the neck up.

Everybody needs to relax

The most visionary people who ever lived are in full control of all the wars in the Middle East. Even the jihadist groups are not what they seem.

Fatah Halab or Aleppo Conquest is a coalition of rebel groups that includes jihadists. “IHL” is “international humanitarian law.” It’s comprised of the Geneva Conventions, the Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict, the Biological Weapons Convention, and the Conventional Weapons Convention.

Someone is eliminating all violently oppressive groups in the Middle East. As a result, Syrian Islamists are changing their behavior. Because they’re cooperating, they not only get to live, they’re also credited with victories. After the professionals took the Artillery Academy in Ramouseh and gave the Syrians and whomever else safe passage home, the guys below were let in to create exciting theater.

There’s no mistaking the chaotic amateurishness above, but even the other men are frauds. The video below is just embarrassing.

Those “special operators” aren’t covering each other. They’re doing a horrible job securing the area. One guy kicks a door without any idea of what’s behind it or if it’s booby trapped. When the door doesn’t open, he just walks away. Therefore he had to have known that there was no enemy present.

Finally, a beardo had to make one of the “operators” lower his rifle to keep from shooting a compatriot.

The trigger-happy guy was this pitiful wannabe.

Have you noticed how many Islamists have fat rear ends? All Arab League professional strategic special operators are whipcord thin.

Everybody has a choice

The people winning the wars in the Middle East are now too powerful to resist. But don’t interpret their mercy as weakness. Everybody is on permanent probation. Not killing is one option; killing is the other. The situation is now binary, and it will remain so forever.

Live and let live, or you die.

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