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Extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary solutions

Extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary solutions

Today an angry man contacted me. He said that I have no right to post my theories about what Saudi Arabia is doing in the Middle East. Since he claims to be active-duty Saudi Special Forces, that would seem to give weight to his words. However, he’s wrong. Everybody who reads my posts knows that I’m only a blogger. In this extraordinary period, it’s permissible for me to speculate on video, photographic, and written evidence.

Besides, the man who’s angry at me is not a real member of the Saudi Special Forces. He claimed that the Saudis have never engaged in tunnel warfare.

Well, then who fought the Houthis underground?

For those interested, the Yemeni soldier has a Heckler and Koch G3A4 that’s been radically shortened for tunnel warfare.

An active-duty member of the Saudi Special Forces would not have a Twitter account describing himself as such. But just to be clear, everything in my posts is pure conjecture. My own words have no weight at all. This is one of my hobbies. I write in order to inspire and entertain.

Genuine members of the Saudi Special Forces are too busy to worry about me.

Extraordinary acquisitions

On June 18, 2016, the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service (CTS) revealed that it now has Oshkosh M-ATV mine resistant ambush protected vehicles (MRAPs).

This is an American vehicle. Some Iraqi versions have a CROWS (Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station) armed with the M134 Minigun.

The CROWS allows the crew to stay inside the vehicle and fire the Minigun.

Fifty bullets per second. All over social media and even in “respected” journals, people are claiming that the US sold the M-ATV MRAPs to Iraq.

That’s not true. Just look up American weapons sales to Iraq on the Defense Security Cooperation Agency Web site. There’s no mention of MRAPS being sold to Iraq after 2010. In 2015, the US gave Iraq 250 MRAPs for free, as Excess Defense Articles. However, these were BAE Systems Caiman MTVs.

Iraqi also received twelve Navistar Defense MaxxPro Recovery Vehicle MRAPs as Excess Defense Articles.

The US has neither sold nor given Iraq a single Oshkosh M-ATV MRAP.

So where did they come from?

Extraordinary gesture

The two biggest Middle Eastern customers for the Oshkosh M-ATV are Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. In order to help Yemen win its war against the Houthi insurrectionists, the Saudis and Emiratis intensively trained thousands of Yemeni soldiers and tribal fighters. These men were equipped with Oshkosh M-ATV MRAPs.

I have no doubt that the Saudis and Emiratis did the same thing for the Iraqis. In fact that’s the only answer, since the US did not sell or give Iraq the vehicles.

This completely disproves the allegation that the Saudis oppose all Shia Muslims, period. The Saudis oppose imperialism in the Middle East.

In the fight against the Islamic State, the Arab League provides different forms of assistance. Sometimes it’s air power.

Sometimes it’s armor.


Sometimes it’s helicopter gunships.


Sometimes its military advisers.

And sometimes it’s combatants.

The angry man pretending to be a member of the Saudi Special Forces said that none of the soldiers in my screen grabs or photos are wearing Saudi equipment or insignia.


Extraordinary stupidity

The Islamic State used the Oshkosh M-ATV MRAP in a cheap piece of propaganda that fooled the entire world except for me.

Here’s a hysterical article about it.

The terror group ISIS has gained possession of a PROTOTYPE U.S. military Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JTLV) not yet approved for our own troops to use in combat! How did ISIS get the brand new US technology?

Do the words “high crimes and misdemeanors” come to mind? How about the word “Treason?” Perhaps the words “giving aid and comfort to the enemy” apply here? What about plain old criminal law phrases like “providing material support of terrorism?” It certainly look like all of the above could apply.

People ask me how I know that something is fake. Well, in the case of the Islamic State video of the Oshkosh M-ATV, there were no people standing beside the vehicles. So I did a reverse image search.

First I took a screen grab of the photo.

Then I went to Google and clicked “Images.”

I dropped the screen grab into the box.

When the results came up, I disregarded the ones that said that these were captured vehicles.

By following my instincts, I found the truth.

It’s a stock photo. The Islamic State downloaded it from the Internet.

The fact that there were no people in the image told me immediately that the Islamic State claim was fake.

Extraordinary developments

One of the hardest things for me to accept was that the overwhelming majority of people have closed minds. They refuse to even consider something that goes against their preconceptions. No new information penetrates.

I live for new information, and I love extraordinary change for the better. The Iraqi Oshkosh M-ATV MRAPs are brand new.

They’re going to be used in the operation to liberate Mosul. You can bet that Arab League commandos will be involved.

To be honest, I never saw this coming. I believed that the Shia and Sunni would stop fighting someday but never make peace. They had no real help from the global media, from westerners, and from maniacal sectarians broadcasting endless lies. But the presence of the Oshkosh M-ATVs in the hands of Iraqis proves two things.

Sunnis gave Shia these incredibly sophisticated weapons, and Sunnis trained Shia how to use them.

It doesn’t bother me to be almost completely alone in my thinking. People who refuse to accept the new Middle East are like this.

I’ve had nightmares about exactly that situation. Imagine how filthy the water is—full of dead animals, fecal material, and brain-eating amoebas. The car is ruined, and those men could easily run into an invisible submerged object, such as a giant crocodile.

Here’s an old woman peering in through the windshield as she floats past.

But everybody’s laughing. They’re enjoying themselves as they bring totally unnecessary disaster down on their heads.

Who am I to try and talk sense into them? I wouldn’t be successful, and besides, they like motoring around in sewage.

It’s not my problem.

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