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Jews and Arabs united are impossible to defeat in battle

Jews and Arabs united are impossible to defeat in battle

And you thought I was crazy! In July of 2015, I became convinced that Israel and the Arab League had made peace at the end of 2008. I based my supposition on Israeli arms sales to Arab nations that began in 2009. Israel sold incredibly advanced technology to countries that don’t even recognize her. This wasn’t stupid, greedy, or shortsighted. It was part of a strategy to defeat organized jihadist terrorism. Permanently. The strategy has been put into action. Jews and Arabs fighting together can’t lose.

Each culture brings its own strengths to the relationship. Although it’s clear that Israel has a technological edge, I believe that the Gulf Cooperation Council has almost caught up, as far as that’s humanly possible. Nobody will ever truly catch up to Israel. But Arab special forces now have capabilities that seven or eight years ago existed only in the movies. In my experience, Arabs are better than Jews at being militarily ruthless. Not savage; just…businesslike. Matter-of-fact.

The first part of this video—until 1:23—shows an unidentified Arab special-operations unit utterly destroying a Houthi armed convoy in Yemen.

Not only are the operators using a huge number of machine guns, they’re also firing laser-guided bullets.






No, I’m not hallucinating. The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) calls their version “Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance” or EXACTO. On April 27, 2015, DARPA released a video of their most successful test to date. So they say.

The video of Arab special operators obliterating the Houthi convoy in Yemen shows tracer rounds swerving 180 degrees and diving into a ditch. That would be possible only if an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) above the battlefield were illuminating the targets. This is the principle.


There’s no way of knowing if the Arabs are using DARPA’s guided bullet or one that Israel developed with Gulf Cooperation Council funds. However, I may have identified the nationality of the Arab special operators. This news report shows Saudi Border Guards repelling a Houthi attack. The action begins at 3:21.

I estimate that the Saudis have killed at least 2000 Houthi infiltrators. Can you see why I’d say that?

The Border Guards are paramilitary; they’re national cops, just like the United States Border Patrol. Saudi special operators have far greater firepower.

Jews aren’t allowed to fight in Syria

On October 11, 2015, the Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD) announced their formation. This Russian article is pretty typical for how the world saw the new collection of Kurds, Muslim Arabs, Turkmens, and Syriac Christians.

The Syrian Democratic Forces: Just an Invention by Washington to Save Face?

As America’s previous strategies for dealing with the Syrian crisis fell into disarray, the Pentagon scrambled to gather a ragtag band of militia groups under the banner of the Syrian Democratic Forces. But the new alliance is barely holding together, and may in fact have been dreamed up as an excuse to continue pumping weapons into the region.

Mere days after the Obama administration announced it was ending its controversial plan to train and equip so-called “moderate” Syrian rebels, a new player arrived on the scene. The alliance consists of the Kurdish YPG militia, an Assyrian Christian group, and a number of various Arab groups collectively known as the Syrian Arab Coalition.


Washington’s new Syria strategy involves supporting this nebulous ground alliance in a fight against the self-proclaimed Islamic State terrorist group – in addition to sending between 30 and 50 US Special Forces as “advisers.”

The Syrian Arab Coalition is all but nonexistent, but even the broader SDF is in tatters. Despite the Pentagon’s dumping of 50 tons of ammunition into Syria last month, the alliance is in desperate need of heavy weapons, radios, infrastructure, leadership, and, yes, ammunition.

Visiting the frontlines in Syria, Ben Hubbard of the New York Times reported on just how ill-equipped the alliance is. Fighters wear old, worn-out boots and ragged fatigues. Security checkpoints are manned by teenagers armed with aging rifles. The only unifying factor at this time appears to be a yellow flag meant to represent the SDF, though it has no command posts to fly over.

As of today, this “ragtag band of militia groups” has carried out the fastest, most successful ground offensives in the entire history of the five-year Syrian civil war. They’ve captured oil fields, dams, granaries, and refineries, and they’ve liberated pretty much all of northeastern Syria.

Kurds are extraordinarily brave fighters. However, they haven’t had access to modern weapons and technology. This piece describes the conundrum and hints at the solution.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) recently made another gain against the Islamic State (ISIS) which may have placed the foremost group in its ranks, Syrian Kurdish Peoples Protection Units (YPG), where the Turks have long feared them being: West of the Euphrates River and over Ankara’s “red-line”.

Rather than attempting to directly come at Jarablus from over the Euphrates to its east, the SDF instead opted to go all the way south of Sarrin where they kicked ISIS out of the Tishreen Dam and crossed west from there, about 50 miles south of the Syrian-Turkish border…


Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu responded to the initial reports by reiterating Ankara’s firm opposition to having Kurdish forces west of the Euphrates but added that only Arab forces within the SDF have crossed over to date, implying that Ankara tolerates the move.

The U.S. has long hoped some Arab force (such as the Free Syrian Army which, incidentally, has fought alongside the YPG for over a year now) could be used as a proxy to remove the ISIS presence along the Azaz-Jarablus line and close off that groups last access point to the outside world.

Washington has been frustrated by its inability to either locate or establish [an Arab] force capable of doing so and has also been frustrated by the fact that Ankara has yet to divert the necessary forces needed to seal off its own side of that porous border.

Kurds are now at the red arrow below, west of the Euphrates.


The Turks are pretending that just Arab rebels have gone west of the Euphrates, and suddenly the US found Arab units capable demolishing the Islamic State. According to Kurdish commander Hussein Kocher, the QSD won’t stop there.

“Over more than four years, the Kurdish YPG and YPJ forces are locked in fierce battles with ISIS terrorists defending Rojava (Syrian Kurdish region),” he said, pointing out “many honorable non-Kurdish military groups stood by our side.”

“The Arab tribal force of as-Sanadeed, the rebel group of Burkan al-Furat and at-Tahreer group of the Free Syrian army (FSA) are fighting on our side against the barbaric Daesh group.”

“It is time to liberate the entire soil of Syria from the fascist regime as well,” he insisted.

“Starting the battle for al-Hawl town in Hasakah province was the first step towards the liberation of Syria and its people from the radical and suppressive groups.”

“After the liberation of Hasakah countryside, all social components of the region are invited to join the SDF in a bid to liberate the entire Syrian soil,” Kocher concluded.

Until October 11, 2015, the Kurds had concentrated on defending their homeland. They simply lacked the resources to do more. Now the QSD is saying that it will free all of Syria and overthrow Assad.

Only one explanation fits: Arab special forces have been attached in very large numbers to the QSD. The operators below—videotaped in Syria—are not American. Their uniforms and equipment show that they’re almost certainly Arabs or Africans.


After five years of stalemate, the QSD appeared out of nowhere and began demonstrating astonishing military skills. It’s carried out massive and rapid demining operations, tunnel warfare, the defusing of hundreds of booby traps, and multiple village-wide hostage rescues. These actions require the element of surprise and an extremely high level of training.

There must be thousands of special forces going in ahead of the QSD, and they can’t be Jews, due to geopolitical and religious dysfunctions. They also can’t be American or European, because that would bring to mind colonialism, imperialism, occupation… The only people on earth who could do this job are Arabs and their African, Central Asian, and Asian allies.

In the video below of QSD fighters trying to destroy an Islamic State suicide car bomb, you can faintly hear a turboprop aircraft engine at 1:03, and then heavy rifle fire begins at 1:11. A single large munition explodes at 1:33.

Though the man below (red arrow) is armed with an American M16 rifle wrapped in camouflage tape, he’s not looking through the sniper scope.


He’s peering beneath the scope and using the iron sight. It’s likely that he’s never had a rifle with a scope.

The next screen grab shows that the car bomb was detonated (red arrow) before it got to the dam. A storm of accurate fire killed the driver, and then the vehicle was somehow blown up.


I believe that the turboprop aircraft in the video above was an IOMAX Archangel from United Arab Emirates Aviation Group 18, a component of Special Operations Command.


It’s a dedicated counterinsurgency (COIN) aircraft. One was filmed over Syria.


The Archangel can land anywhere, and it requires almost no runway. Up it goes, off the ground immediately. It’s used in precision targeting and close air support (CAS).

Having Arab League special operators attached to the QSD is great news on many levels.

1. The Kurds, Turkmens, and Syriac Christians are big enough to accept this assistance without feeling slighted. It probably took them a long time to trust the people making the offer.

2. The Arab League is providing the assistance clandestinely, which means that there are no ulterior motives, and nobody can credibly accuse the QSD of being lackeys of the Saudis or “the Jews.”

3. The Turks have been told to cram it. Pretty much the entire world has to be pleased by that.

In two months of intense combat, the QSD has lost nine members. They’re under constant attack, and not just by the Islamic State and the al-Nusra Front.

Clashes broke out on Tuesday evening between western-backed Kurdish-Arab-Christian alliance of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and pro-Assad troops in the northeastern province of Hasakah, military sources reported.

“The clashes broke out after pro-Assad militias attacked our (SDF) positions in the Arisha district in southern Hasakah,” a spokesman for the SDF told ARA News.

“By attacking our headquarters in Arisha, pro-Assad militias aim to serve ISIS terrorists,” the spokesman said.

At least four SDF fighters were injured during the clashes, while one militant of the National Defense was killed.

“The pro-Assad militias were forced to retreat from the vicinity of Arisha under the blows of the SDF units,” the source reported.

What happened was that the Syrian Basij—the National Defense Forces—came up against the concentrated fire of the Arab special forces attached to the QSD. The Syrians had never experienced anything like it.

If the QSD has lost only nine members while battling the Islamic State and Assad, it’s more circumstantial evidence that incredibly lethal professional warriors are aiding the QSD in its fight. These warriors will remain unsung, because the big picture requires it.

I think the word is getting out. Messages from a Kurd.



However, this from the Kurdish media embedded with the QSD.

MINBIC ISIS gangs, upon being defeated by QSD (Forces of Democratic Syria), withdraw from the town of Minbic of Aleppo.

Local sources from Minbic reported to ANHA correspondents that after QSD launched an operation in the southern regions of Kobanî and gained achievements against gangs of ISIS, the gangs started moving back from Minbic, that was occupied by ISIS in 2013.

So Hawar News Agency is reporting that the Islamic State wasn’t up to facing the QSD. Since Hawar is embedded with the QSD, maybe you don’t believe them.

Fair enough. Remember how Sputnik News said above that the QSD was a ragtag group of militias that wouldn’t accomplish anything? Well, here’s what the Russians are saying now.

Russian strikes help Syrian rebels free 20 areas from ISIS control

The Russian Air Force has helped the Syrian Democratic Forces liberate 20 residential areas from Islamic State (IS, previously ISIS/ISIL) around the city of Raqqa, the extremist groups’ stronghold, a Russian military spokesman said.

Assisted by Russian air support, the Syrian Democratic Forces have made significant progress in IS-controlled areas in Syria, according to the head of the Russian General Staff’s operations department, Lieutenant-General Sergey Rudskoy.

“The troops of the Syrian Democratic Forces, commanded by Ayman Flyat el-Ganim, with the support of the Russian Air Force, conducted an offensive toward the ISIS capital, Raqqa. As a result of this offensive, approximately 20 residential areas were liberated from extremists. Strategic control was established over the important dam on the river Euphrates at al-Ahmar,” Rudskoy said at a press conference in Moscow.

That’s a flat-out lie. “Ayman Flyat el-Ganim” doesn’t appear to exist, and the Russians haven’t conducted air strikes anywhere near the QSD.


But I don’t mind that Putin is lying. He’s telling us who’s going to win. It’s not the guy with glassy eyes, hairy ears, and drool on his lower lip.


Happy New Year, especially to everyone who risks his or her life to liberate others.