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Missiles that discourage, dissuade, intimidate—but do not kill

Missiles that discourage, dissuade, intimidate—but do not kill

People tell me that my theories are very hard to accept. I understand. The reason I sound insane is that nobody in history has vaulted so far into the future as quickly as the Arab League. Tonight I can finally prove to you that I was correct. The Arab League is using missiles to wage war on military objects, not people.

This is without question the most significant change in human behavior that has ever taken place.

Don’t misunderstand: This is not an accident or a byproduct. Arab leaders made a conscious decision to radically alter how they fight wars. The Prussian general and military theorist Carl Philipp Gottlieb von Clausewitz (1780-1831) famously said, “War is the continuation of politics by other means.”

For centuries that was good enough.

But not for Israelis and Arabs.

Missiles create second thoughts

I began studying King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and his son Deputy Crown Prince and Defense Minister Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud in April of 2015. Why? Because the Saudi-led Coalition was fighting incredibly well in Yemen. Not only that, the causalities among Yemeni civilians and combatants were very low. I also began reading the statements of Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir.

The theme that emerged over and over and over in the words of these three men is that there has been enough suffering in the Middle East. I began to see videos from Syria in which enemy troops survived direct hits from missiles that should’ve killed them. Patent searches confirmed that the Arab League is using new, low-yield weapons designed to destroy military objects without killing people.


Israel and the Arab League co-developed the weapons. There can be no doubt. I traced the initial research back to Israel. In addition, there’s also no doubt that Israelis are NOT fighting in Yemen, Syria, or Iraq. The men using these new weapons are Arab League and allied strategic special operators. They’re all Muslim. This was necessary, to prevent the catastrophe that followed the American-led overthrow of Saddam Hussein.

The Arab League and its allies don’t want to kill Middle Easterners. Instead, the goal is to dissuade the enemy from continuing the fight.

These new weapons are unprecedented. They make warfare obsolete. Although they destroy military objects, their main function is to convince the enemy to quit.

Missiles spare lives

War is the answer. New war that doesn’t kill.

Stupid western “analysts” think that the Houthis have fought the Saudi-led Coalition to a standstill in Yemen.




Look, the Saudis could kill every drug-addled, adenoidal Houthi weirdo in less than a week.

The reality is that the Arab League has said in plain language that the Houthis are going nowhere. Therefore, everyone must someday coexist. In the meantime, the Saudi-led Coalition uses just enough military force to keep the Houthis from overrunning Yemen.

The new weapons allow even Houthi racists, fascists, and Jew-haters to live.

Consequently, Arab League leaders are much better people than I am.

These men have no missiles

Before I show you the main video, watch some actors.

First of all, this guy’s shooting the sky on full automatic.

Total waste of ammunition.

Furthermore, a man broke the front locking lug on his magazine as he tried to put it into the rifle.



Here’s how the Arab League is now fighting the war: The jihadist groups pose for the cameras while the professionals carry out the missions. Listen to the hurricane of firing in the background.

Only highly trained soldiers can lay down that volume of fire. And look how clean the rebels are. They’re not real fighters.

The firepower is not being used to kill; have you noticed that in the past two months, almost nobody is publishing photos and videos of dead combatants from the Syrian war? Why not?

Because the soldiers now winning the conflict are not killing large numbers of enemy. What you’re hearing above is covering fire as Arab League and allied commandos advance.

One more group that doesn’t have missiles

Just for fun.

Ahrar al-Sham is supposed to be one of the most powerful Islamist rebel groups in Syria, right?

This is a 100mm practice round, not live ammunition.

It has an aluminum casing, and the light-blue band means it’s inert.

Here’s a full-charge practice round. Note the aluminum casing, which is cheaper than brass.

Someone has reined in the Islamists. They aren’t even allowed to have real weapons.

Mind-boggling missiles

So, here we go. Nobody died in the video below. I promise. And the Levant Conquest Front did not fire those missiles.

The first missile had two flares on it. I’ve never seen that before. The warhead ejected a cloud of explosive vapor that detonated upward, sparing the two men in the “technical” most of the shock wave.

Both men sitting at the ZU-23-2 cannon survived. You can see them lift their heads and move around.

Their comrades dragged them to safety.

Finally, nobody fired on the rescuers. That proves no intent to kill.

But wait! What about the second missile?

More dissuasion. That’s all. Here’s the target, a commander standing on the other side of the truck.

Here’s obviously dead, right?


Missiles make a good argument

He not only lived, he was in good enough shape to hotfoot it all the way back to Tehran.

Why is the Arab League trying to not kill even combatants? Pragmatism.

Another answer comes from a crewman of an M1 Abrams main battle tank.

Due to the Arab League, I’ve completely changed my mind about warfare. I used to think, “Well, if you’re stupid enough to take on a superior force, you get what you deserve.”

Now I support the Arab League Doctrine. Why kill if you don’t have to? The Iraqis tried desperately to upgrade a tank designed in 1945.

We called it the T-55 “Enigma.” The men in it were doomed.

The reason I didn’t feel bad for the Iraqis is that they did terrible things in Kuwait. And as I’ve often said, I’m a very vengeful person.

But the Arab League has taught me that killing large numbers of enemy doesn’t work. In effect, everyone in the Middle East is now defenseless against the Israeli and Arab League armed forces. As a result, the new warriors feel a great sense of responsibility. Killing people so far beneath them is not honorable.

This is a revolution in warfare and human behavior. It’s a breakthrough of such monumental importance that the ramifications are incalculable. But I’ll tell you one thing: Only vast societal good can come from this.

Arabs and Israelis have given all of us a colossal gift. Therefore be grateful.

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