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No-kill weapons encourage the enemy to leave the battlefield

No-kill weapons encourage the enemy to leave the battlefield

It’s absolutely clear that the Arab League has a large variety of no-kill weapons. These are munitions that destroy military objects without taking human life. Not killing the average fighter—as well as not killing civilians—shows us the Arab League’s goal for the region. Not only did the Arab League invent a new form of warfare, it also created new geopolitics.

The old approach was to smash your enemy into submission. This has never really worked. It leads to centuries of resentment. Therefore the Arab League doctrine is to merely dissuade the enemy from continuing the fight.

No-kill avoids traps

Every act that a nation publicly commits becomes a vulnerability. Take the “Highway of Death,” the result of the Coalition attack on Iraqis retreating from Kuwait on the night of February 26, 1991.





Some sources claim that as many as 30,000 Iraqis died.

Guess what? I estimate that about 60 died. An American soldier agrees with me.


More corroboration.


And those dead Iraqi soldiers had occupied Kuwait in a very brutal fashion. They’d killed, tortured, and raped hundreds of Kuwaitis. In addition, they arrested thousands and sent them to Iraq. About 1600 Kuwaitis disappeared forever.

Photos of the “Highway of Death” show the same corpses over and over. The reason so few Iraqi soldiers died is that the Coalition first bombed the head of the convoy. Do you think the rest of the Iraqis sat in their cars, scratching their noses? Or do you think they bailed out and ran like hell into the desert?

Am I alone in crediting Iraqis with having the same brainpower as I do? Apparently yes. Because to this day, the world thinks that the US massacred tens of thousands of helpless man-children who were too stupid to run.

No-kill weakens the enemy

I view the global press as the enemy. Journalists believe that non-Anglo, non-Christian terrorists are victims. These victims “lash out” in justifiable anger. Therefore all military responses to terrorism are illegitimate. What we must do instead is “dialogue” with the terrorists, meanwhile allowing them to continue murdering.

If we use military force, it means that the terrorists have won. To preserve our morality, we must never use military force, and we must have meetings and negotiations until the end of time.

The enemy easily manipulates US military leaders.

Absolutely true.

But saying it aloud is self-defeating. US military leaders have never grasped that the media narrative is indestructible. In this case, the narrative was, “The US military used superior weaponry to gleefully slaughter helpless Third World soldiers who had surrendered.”

It doesn’t matter that the Iraqis were conducting a “fighting retreat,” and that accepted military doctrine is to attack the enemy as he withdraws. The narrative will always win. Lieutenant General Walter Boomer was made to look as though he were gloating about killing incompetent soldiers.

Leaders of the Israel Defense Forces go out of their way to show how careful they are to avoid causing civilian casualties. It doesn’t matter. The narrative is “The IDF uses superior weaponry to gleefully slaughter helpless Palestinians.”


Therefore the entire world and many Israelis believe that the IDF routinely commits war crimes.

The Arab League refuses to read from the script that the enemy wrote.

No-kill allows freedom

Keep in mind that no armed force has confirmed the existence of no-kill weapons. I’m the only person on the planet talking about them. However, I base my theory on videos. They show that without question, somebody is using new weapons that don’t kill. In addition, we don’t know the identities of the men using no-kill weapons. As a result, the enemy can’t pin down and discredit the countries that have utterly transformed the nature of war.

Back to the Highway of Death.


A lie had real-world consequences.

No-kill weapons in the hands of unidentified soldiers means that the press can’t force its agenda on those trying to stabilize the Middle East. Arab League strategic special operators are immune to international pressure.

But what about Yemen? The press daily accuses the Saudi-led Coalition of bombing only marketplaces, schools, hospitals, refugee centers, weddings, birthday parties, retirement homes, and pet clinics. There is literally no evidence whatsoever for these claims. Why don’t the Saudis vigorously defend themselves?

Because the Yemen war is one of the most brilliant deception operations ever.

The war is real. However, by letting the enemy jabber, and by distracting the world into focusing on Yemen, the Arab League operates unmolested in Syria and Iraq.

And there’s one more factor.

No-kill is the right thing to do

In the Battle of Omdurman (September 2, 2023), the British used machine guns on the Sudanese Mahdists of Abdullah al-Taashi, who were armed with spears and swords. The death toll was 47 British and 12,000 Sudanese. Winston Churchill was a war correspondent during the battle.


Here’s what he wrote about the aftermath, as he walked among the dead and wounded three days later.





One of the reasons that Europeans are so passive in the face of jihadist terrorism in their own countries is that they feel guilty about their history. Churchill drowned his shame in an ocean of alcohol.

We in the west were unable to come up with a solution to warfare. Israel and the Arab League found it in no-kill weapons. Arab League strategic special operators versus anyone in Syria is like British machine gunners against Mahdists carrying spears and swords. It could be a bloodbath. But Arab and allied special operators are agents of improvement, not destruction. Therefore they use no-kill as warnings: “We have you in our sights. Think it over.”

No-kill in action

Instead of agonizing over having to go to war—or embracing the murderous ideology of pacifism—the Arab League fights on its own terms. Below is a video that allegedly shows the Levant Conquest Front defeating a militia loyal to Bashar al-Assad. In reality, this was an Arab League operation.

The Levant Conquest Front wants us to believe that it used only 82mm and 120mm mortars to rout the militia.


Well, not one mortar round hit in the video. Professional warriors used new, no-kill, precision weapons.

A high-explosive fragmentation mortar round sends lethal metal shards in all directions. The warhead of the unknown munition below directed the fragments away from the militiamen.

Here’s where all the fragments struck.


And here are the militiamen.


In the entire video, not one munition lands on a group of fighters. Every single explosion takes place near men who then flee unharmed.

There were no deaths. How do I know?

Because the attack on the militiamen took place in the afternoon. Look at the shadows.


But the drone filmed the “corpses” in the morning.


The shadows are on the opposite side. Those are Arab League strategic special operators pretending to be dead. The next day. And note that there are no craters from mortar rounds anywhere. The soldiers are alive and trying not to laugh.

Yes, no-kill is effective

So you think that these men who ran away will turn right around and come back for more? Well, contact the Royal Saudi Land Forces. Arrange for them to fire a no-kill fuel-air explosive missile at you. Experience it for yourself.

No-kill weapons and secrecy will make full-scale war obsolete. It’ll happen within the lifetimes of everyone reading this.

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