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Reuters accidentally exposes Hamas Pallywood

Reuters accidentally exposes Hamas Pallywood

Reuters has released possibly the worst piece of “journalism” in the history of the human race. First I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it, and then I’ll explain how Reuters accidentally exposed Hamas Pallywood in way that leaves no doubt whatsoever that the reporting from Gaza is being stage managed.

You can watch the video here. It’s titled “Ten-year-old Palestinian boy the first casualty of renewed fighting in Gaza.”

That’s a lie. The Gazan rocketeers who fired on Israel were the first casualties when Israel retaliated.



Here’s the complete text from the Reuters piece.

His family says 10-year-old Ibrahim Dawawsa was playing in the yard of a mosque when an Israeli missile struck. He is the first Palestinian casualty of the renewed conflict between Israel and Hamas, killed just hours after a three-day ceasefire ended. The boy’s funeral took place almost immediately, according to tradition. Israel says its attacks were retaliatory; that rockets like these fired by Hamas militants from Gaza into israel[sic] were the first to break the truce. But once again, the majority of the damage is being inflicted on Gaza. This man says his house was destroyed by an Israeli rocket fired from the air. SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) OWNER OF HOUSE DESTROYED BY ISRAELI AIR STRIKE, MAHMOUD JARAD, SAYING: “They fired a warning rocket first, then 10 minutes later, they struck us with an F-16.” Peace talks are still ongoing in Egypt but show no sign of ending the conflict. So with the ceasefire is over, the fighting continues.

If the Israelis fired on a mosque, it’s because terrorists were launching rockets from the location. But we don’t know what killed Ibrahim Dawawsa.


One in five terrorist rockets landed on Gazans. Where do you suppose this rocket aimed vertically is going to come down?


Here’s a hint: It won’t hit Israel. Not unless the planet suddenly shifts violently to the northwest by about five miles (nine kilometers).

So Ibrahim could easily have been killed by his own people.


For what’s it’s worth, I’ve been e-mailed that Ibrahim Dawawsa’s mother says terrorists were firing rockets from the mosque, and Ibrahim went to watch, disobeying her order that he stay inside. He was killed when the Israelis hit the launcher. Since Israelis take out launchers with air-to-surface missiles that have small warheads, Ibrahim was therefore standing among the terrorists.

So the family has told two different stories. Reuters went with the one that makes Israel appear more callous: “IDF kills ten-year-old boy playing in mosque yard.”

At any rate, I was right. Ibrahim Dawawsa was not the first person to die after Hamas broke the ceasefire. He and the rocketeers died simultaneously.

After Ibrahim’s funeral, the mourners emerged with his body wrapped in a flag.


That’s the Fatah party flag, evidence that the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade is involved in the fighting. Hamas and Fatah murder each other, but they still take time out to shoot rockets at Israel. And at Gazans. Here are the locations from which terrorists have fired their penis substitutes weapons.


Have you ever seen anything more insane in your life? The Gazans are thanatoid. They actually are in the grip of a death-cult.

Terrorists also put rocket launchers right next to hotels.

Great parenting, Gazans. Absolutely stellar. Let your children play on rocket launchers. And you wonder why kids get killed? What kind of culture allows children to play on weapons that will be targeted by the enemy during a war?

Answer: a culture that wants its children killed. There’s no other explanation. All hail Thanatos!

The United Nations also wants Palestinians and UN workers killed.


The next time some UNRWA representative flaps his or her gums on TV about civilian casualties, just laugh at them. If they don’t care about Palestinians, and if the Palestinians don’t care about themselves, why in the world should the rest of us give a fig? This is all soap opera to them. Fine. They can have their funerals and their hysteria. Since they like being pawns and cannon fodder, who am I to make them stop?

Reuters spoke to Mahmoud Jarad, who says his house was bombed. A house was indeed bombed.


It was an inert munition. There’s no fragmentation damage whatsoever, and you can see that the roof was broken, not blown out. They warned him, and he left. Why did the Israelis bomb his house, though? Here’s the answer.


The green arrow shows that the neighbor’s wall sheared off due to a pressure wave. Inert bombs don’t make pressure waves. You know what does? Explosives. Mahmoud’s house had one or more IEDs in it. That’s why the IDF bombed it. They took out weapons that might be used against Israeli troops. Mahmoud’s neighbors get to rebuild their house because of him.

The Reuters report then veers into total fantasy with two clips of what they say are rockets being fired from Gaza.



Those are tracer rounds from light cannons. Reuters shows us video of antiaircraft artillery (AAA or triple-A) and says they’re rockets. They are absolutely not rockets, because they have no contrails. All rockets leave contrails. These are rockets fired from Gaza.


More proof that reporters are just stenographers for Hamas. The entire Reuters organization obediently publishes what Hamas gives them. But both Reuters and Hamas stepped on their own you-know-whats, because they’ve provided us with the best evidence yet of Pallywood.

A Reuters and Hamas booboo

In the same lying piece about a ten-year-old Palestinian being the first casualty, an ambulance rushes up to a hospital.


Lots of Hamas “police” standing around. Are people going to attack the injured?

In the next image, you can see cameramen up on the right, being held back by Hamas cops forming a human barrier.


Why would cops keep cameramen away from an ambulance? Strange!

The cameramen then get a signal from a Hamas thug.


“Okey-dokey. Perfecto! Stop filming. Or we’ll kill you.” As the ambulance door is opened, Hamas operatives block the view.


They form another human chain.


Now why on earth would you want to prevent cameramen and photographers from filming the inside of an ambulance?

Following that clumsy Pallywood production is a victim of Israeli aggression being wheeled through the hospital on a stretcher.


Hold on just a second, if you don’t mind. He has soot all over both arms and a patch of soot on his chest where his shirt was unbuttoned. His face is swollen, and he’s got head injuries. What could cause all that? Something that exploded. A rocket that blew up or fell on him, an Israeli missile that was aimed at the rocket he was setting up, or an IED that went off prematurely, maybe.


Yes, yes, I know: This is all just conjecture. I have no proof. But as long as I’m conjecturizing, how about this?


And it still likes green shirts!

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