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Treasure hunt is the best way to describe the Middle East

Treasure hunt is the best way to describe the Middle East

Edgar Wallace wrote a great short story titled “The Treasure Hunt,” about a British private detective named J. G. Reeder. It’s an allegory for what’s happening in the Middle East.

Treasure and underestimation

J. G. Reeder is past fifty. Small and slightly overweight, he’s put many men in prison during his career. In 1914, a man named Lew Kohl receives a ten-year sentence, based on evidence that Reeder provides. As Kohl leaves the court, he says to Reeder, “At the first opportunity, I will kill you.”

After serving his sentence, Kohl comes to visit Reeder.

“I’ve planned it all out,” Kohl says. “Some night when you least expect it, I’m going to get you. I just wanted to remind you of my promise.”

Then Kohl gets up to leave.

As Kohl walks out the front door, a huge cement planter falls at his feet and smashes to pieces, narrowly missing him. He looks up to see Reeder at the second-floor window.

“I hope you’re not hurt,” Reeder says. “These things happen.”

Disaster after disaster strikes Kohl. Someone is secretly turning his life upside down. He complains to his friend, who shouts at him, “Reeder is poison! You think you scare him? He’d cut your throat and write a hymn about it. A crook I don’t mind, a murderer I don’t mind, but a talking jackass makes me sick. Take your things and get out before you have Reeder coming after me too!”

Treasure blinds people

Lew Kohl has too much pride to admit defeat. Also, he believes that J. G. Reeder has a huge fortune in cash that he’s buried somewhere. Kohl receives information that leads him to dig in a certain place. What he finds isn’t a treasure but the last disaster of his life.

After Lew Kohl meets his fate, the police chief asks J. G. Reeder why Kohl dug for treasure in that spot.

“The criminal mind is a peculiar thing,” says Reeder. “It harbors illusions and fairy stories. Fortunately I understand that mind, as I have often said.”

All over the Middle East, demented Lew Kohls are digging for treasure that doesn’t exist. Somebody who understands the criminal mind tricked them into doing this. With every shovelful of dirt they remove, these Lew Kohls come closer to their fate.

That’s the real treasure.

How to not find treasure

We see this a lot on social media and in the press.

Why didn’t that work for the French in Algeria or the Russians in Chechnya, Ingushetia, and Dagestan? Both France and Russia fought with absolutely no regard for international humanitarian law, yet they still lost. Not only that, they took massive casualties.

The real treasure of the Middle East is found this way.

It’s a slow, patient, methodical, incremental process.

And one more thing.

Because the people fighting the battle are J. G. Reeder. They shun publicity, and they win by fooling everyone, especially the mainstream press.

Hidden treasure

Though I’ve written a lot about the secret wars of the Middle East, I’ve concealed far more than I’ve discussed. It doesn’t compromise the mission to point out that these are hypersonic missiles, not car bombs.

If, however, someone sent me photos and detailed specifications for the Israeli Arab League high velocity penetrating weapon (HVPW), I would never publish them. What I’d do instead is notify Israel and the Saudis that someone had sent me this information. If Israeli and Saudi intelligence officers wanted to inspect my computer and e-mail, I’d let them.

This isn’t a game or a movie. I’m not Julian Assange.

As Satan says in the brilliant film The Devil’s Advocate, “Vanity is definitely my favorite sin.”


The reality is that I wish I’d never started this. Now that my Website is getting 45,000 visitors a day, I’ve had to create all sorts of ground rules. When you get any kind of recognition, people try to steal from you, harm you, or somehow co-opt you so that they can share the spotlight.

Americans value fame more than anything. Even their own health.

I prefer health. And I can’t wait to be obscure again.

Syrian treasure

Without revealing too much, I can say that the Arab League has launched another phase in the process of digging up the treasure in the Middle East. You probably heard about this.

The Russians says that the helicopter was returning from a mission to deliver humanitarian aid to the city of Aleppo. That’s a lie. This was an Mi-8AMTSh, a purpose-built armored assault helicopter called “the Terminator.”

It delivers soldiers, not humanitarian aid.

This aircraft was Yellow 212, serial number RF-95585.

There are two important things about RF-95585.

Number one.

And number two.

All three crew members and two military officers on board died.

Russians digging for treasure

The Russian President-S electronic countermeasure can theoretically defeat any form of surface-to-air missile. This countermeasure jams missiles that use radar, infrared, laser, ultraviolet, and television homing systems. Basically the President-S creates such clouds of interference that a missile can’t lock on to the target. The Russians thought that their aircraft were invulnerable.

So someone shot down a Russian helicopter gunship carrying two high-ranking military advisers. There’s absolutely no way that any government would give a Syrian rebel group a surface-to-air missile that can defeat the Russian President-S. After all, Syrian rebels sell their weapons, get captured, or defect.

Therefore Arab League professional strategic special operators must have shot down the Mi-8AMTSh with a new missile. It was another warning, no different than J. G. Reeder dropping a cement planter almost on top of Lew Kohl’s head.

For Russia, treasure means domination, hegemony, and destruction. That’s not allowed in the new Middle East. As a result, five Russians are now dead. Those men thought in the following terms.

Aside from the Arab League, I may be the only person in the world who understands that the choices are NOT limited to jihadists, the west, or Russia.

Serious about treasure

I’m fairly sure that the Arab League has not briefed the US on its plan for Syria. Currently Americans are in a horrifying dream state. We playact at everything. The country took its cue from this man.

He’s the most vacuous president we’ve ever had. Literally, all he wants out of life is unearned praise.

Here’s an official video from the United States Air Force Special Operations Command.

Multiple US Air Force Special Operations Command personnel reviewed the video, declassified it, and cleared it for release.

It shows a Lockheed AC-130 gunship during live-fire exercises.

The AC-130 carries one 25mm GAU-12/U Equalizer cannon. It’s an electric-powered rotary weapon with five barrels.

Only one barrel fires at a time.

Below is what we’re told is a GAU-12/U Equalizer firing. Remember: The United States Air Force Special Operations Command released this video.

It’s fake. Those are plastic glow-in-the-dark pellets that fat hobbyists fired at an Airsoft event. The shooting took place on the ground, in a wooded area.

They added the sound later, in post-production.

This is a real GAU-12/U Equalizer.

See? A single stream, not that ridiculous wall of bullets.

The comments on the fake US Air Force video show how degraded our culture has become.

Gyrs Riddle obviously loves Nazis. Guess what else he loves?

Little Asian girls. Sexy best fancam!

If you were the Arab League, would you trust the US with a secret plan that requires multiple sophisticated deceptions?

Would you trust the US with a secret plan that requires never publicly taking credit for accomplishments?

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