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Understanding munitions allows you to know the truth

Understanding munitions allows you to know the truth

Journalists are utterly useless. Social media is full of lunatics with primitive tribal loyalties. “Experts” make fools of themselves in their rush to have an opinion. Everything all of them say is garbage. I’ll tell you the only thing that matters about the attempted Turkish coup. Understanding munitions will let you see it.

Understanding Turkey

For decades, “experts” told us that Turkey was the model “secular Muslim” society. However, I always knew this was wrong. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk forced secularism on Turkey. The Turks were not allowed to choose it themselves. Therefore someday they would reject it.

Furthermore, Turkey was once an empire. Those who live in former empires always long for their glory days. Modern Turkey is dangerously unstable. The opposing forces of secular cosmopolitanism and religious nationalism are at war in Turkey.

And that’s why the country has a history of military coups.

By the way, I have a very rare original photo of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and Sultan Mehmed V reviewing an Ottoman honor guard with Germany’s Kaiser Wilhelm II on October 15, 1917.


The photo is important for two reasons.

a) It shows that Turkish troops had steel helmets in 1917.

b) The soldier second from the left wears his helmet backward.

Until I shared that photo, every World War I “military expert” said that the Turks didn’t get steel helmets until 1918. I made them see the truth.

In addition, I had a theory that the Turks pioneered the wearing of German steel helmets backward in order to improve the soldier’s vision. German steel helmets have a visor that can fall down over your eyes.


German, Austrian, and Bulgarian soldiers who served with the Turks often wore their helmets backward. I’m the only person who connected backward helmets and Turkey.

Understanding when to wait

This is my approach.


I can tell you only one thing with absolute certainty: The Turkish government was penetrated to the core. All of its secrets are known. This action is not what it seems. How do I know that?

Because I understand weapons. Understanding why certain weapons are used will generally identify the user.

Before proving that the Turkish government has been laid bare and shown to be as vulnerable as a baby, here’s a video of a helicopter gunship firing warning shots.

Why do I say that they were warning shots?


The gunner swung his weapon to his left, creating a series of bright impacts but not destroying anything.

Reports are that a helicopter gunship attacked a police special-forces building, killing seventeen. Also, an F-16 Flying Falcon was said to have shot down a helicopter. As I write this, nobody has produced evidence to back up these claims.

But here’s my evidence that the Turkish government has been thoroughly compromised, like no other government in the Middle East.

Understanding missiles

Because of 9/11, governments rightly fear the use of hijacked aircraft as weapons. Therefore every country protects the building where ruling bodies meet. All modern parliament buildings have surface-to-air missile (SAM) launchers that are closely guarded secrets. Literally only a handful of people know the locations and types of weapons used.

Somebody knew the exact locations of the SAM launchers on the Grand National Assembly in Ankara.

You can see the SAM flying off the roof.




The aerial munition didn’t detonate the SAM. That had to be by design. If the SAM had exploded, it could’ve caused tremendous collateral damage.

Also, the SAMs didn’t fire. These missiles are installed to prevent the bombing of the Grand National Assembly. Whatever struck the building used electronic countermeasures to overcome Turkish air defenses.

There was a second air strike. This one is without question a specialized munition.

Here’s the explosion.


I’ve never seen anything remotely like that.

Oh, wait: I have something like that. In Syria.


A white explosion that took place during an Arab League commando attack.

Understanding bomb-damage assessment

This photo shows that I was correct.


Something was targeted with two precision-guided munitions (PGM). Both hits are in exactly the same place. The targets had to be the secret SAM launchers that protect the Grand National Assembly.

Here’s a point worth pondering.


What it wasn’t a real coup? What if it was both a test of a new strategy and a warning? What if this bizarre episode was instigated from the outside, and the participants didn’t know that they’d received phony orders?

The Turkish National Intelligence Organization or Milli İstihbarat Teşkilatı (MIT) has been arming and equipping al-Qaeda in Syria. While Turkish social media and the Turkish press is hailing the great victory over the coup, their frenzy of nationalism is blinding them to what actually happened.

Someone is able to obtain the Turkish government’s most-classified information and cause the Turkish armed forces to mutiny. More importantly, someone has no fear whatsoever.

Precision aerial munitions left the Grand National Assembly open to total destruction. Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan himself was a sitting duck. There are reports that he landed at Atatürk Airport but then immediately took off again due to an explosion near his aircraft. He says it was an assassination attempt. Well, if someone wanted him dead, he’d be very dead.

Erdoğan can no longer rely on either his security services or his armed forces. He’s replaced the commanders of his armed forces multiple times, yet this incident still happened.

Understanding stability

I can tell you why the Saudis are united while the Turks remain in chaos.

The Saudis don’t see themselves as victims. They’ve put the past behind them. One of the ways they did so was by creating something completely their own: the best unconventional warriors in human history. This accomplishment is untainted. It’s a magnificent achievement for which they worked incredibly hard. In doing so, they made peace with Israel, they made peace with Alawites and Shia, and they invented a method of war-fighting that kills almost nobody.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is utterly power mad. In contrast, the Saudis have shown through their actions that they aren’t interested in empire. I also believe that they honestly want Middle Easterners to achieve self-determination for its own sake.

Whatever news comes out of Turkey in the next few days will be lies. Remember that munitions never lie. Somebody knew exactly how to send shivers of uncertainty down the spines of the Turkish government. Erdoğan can bluster all he wants. He’s still in power tonight because he hasn’t been judged irredeemable.

This is a man in shock. He can’t believe how easy it was to defeat all his precautions.



This would appear to confirm my theory that somebody took over the communications network of the armed forces and gave them fake orders. Turkey is in deep trouble unless the government changes its behavior.


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