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Monsters are due on Maple Street. And in Tehran

Monsters are due on Maple Street. And in Tehran

Once again I find myself stunned. Yesterday we saw the most brilliant military operation of all time. The inspiration for this ingenious attack was Episode 22, Season One, of the TV series The Twilight Zone. “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street” is the title of the episode. If you haven’t seen it, I won’t spoil it for you. However, I need to reveal one aspect of the plot.

Suspicion, paranoia, hostility, xenophobia, negativity, and tribalism make a community easy to control.

Invincible monsters

The monsters first arrived in Syria.


Because everyone on the side of Bashar al-Assad is unstable, they can be turned against each other. The same is true for the Islamic State.


And the same is true for Turkey. The foundation of modern Turkey is not concrete; it’s land fill, also called “reclamation ground.”

Land fill is rock, cement, clay, and dirt. You dump this “infill” into a body of water to create land upon which you can build. But there’s a problem. This is what happens to land fill during an earthquake.

It’s called “liquefaction.”

Yesterday the soil liquefied under the feet of the Turks. Monsters caused the earthquake that did it.

Monsters know history

The Turks venerate Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, whose surname means “the Father of the Turks.”

In 1976, my brother Tim was at an international exhibition at his college. His friend said something funny, and Tim laughed. Suddenly a Turkish student grabbed my brother and spun him around.

“DO NOT LAUGH AT ATATÜRK!” the Turkish student screamed.

Tim had no idea what was happening. It turned out that Tim laughed at the moment that he walked past a poster of Atatürk on the wall. Tim hadn’t even seen the poster. It took him several minutes to talk his way out of a fight.

In my study of World War I, I’ve met many Turkish military historians. All except for one were deeply mentally ill. They took offense at everything. One sent me photos of Turkish shock troops killed at Tel el Ful, in the Palestinian region of the Ottoman Empire, on December 27, 1917.


“The older I get, the harder it is for me to see images like that,” I wrote him.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because he’s so young. He should’ve had a long and happy life.”

“He died for TURKEY!” the man wrote back. “You insult him by saying his death was a waste!”

Did I say his death was a waste, Dr. Truculent Crank? I’d like you to look up this term: projection.

Monsters know their opponents

Currently the Turks love and venerate their president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, seen on the right below with Palestinian National Authority president Mahmoud Abbas.


Erdoğan is an Islamist. That means he bases his politics and geopolitics on a belligerent, imperialist interpretation of Islam.

Here is what Mustafa Kemal Atatürk said about Islam.

Those are his words, not mine. I’m non-religious; Atatürk was anti-religion.

The monsters knew exactly how to throw Turkey into absolute chaos.

Monsters are psychologists

It’s not possible to reconcile the worldviews of Atatürk and Erdoğan. As a result, the Turks lie to themselves and everybody else. Below is one of my favorite quotes, from an American humorist.


The Turks rely on brute force to smash down any form of dissent. People who even ask questions are labeled “traitors.” Because the very nature of Turkish culture is dualist—holding two opposing viewpoints at the same time—the Turkish government is functionally insane. Turkish intelligence arms and finances al-Qaeda while the Turkish military fights it.

Editor-in-chief of the opposition Cumhuriyet newspaper is Can Dunder. His article about the Turkish MIT arming one of the world’s worst terrorist organizations earned him a prison sentence of five years and ten months “for revealing state secrets.” Before his sentencing, Dundar survived a murder attempt outside the courthouse.

“TRAITOR!” shouted the gunman.

The Turkish economy is collapsing. Turkish intelligence gives weapons to the very terrorists who mass-murder Turks. Erdoğan is incompetent and utterly destructive. But the Turks will follow him over the cliff, singing his praises the whole way down, until they all break into little pieces on the rocks below.

And that’s how the monsters pulled off yesterday’s operation.

Monsters know what to say

The “attempted coup” was very strange. It was a combination of expertise and buffoonery.

I guessed after a few hours what was happening; today I learned that I was correct.


Incirlik Air Base is a 45-second flight from Ankara. The “Turkish” F-16s over the city had long-distance fuel tanks and no bombs.

Turkey’s entire security apparatus is now useless. The monsters took it over, issued fake orders, created spoof radar images, and made it impossible for the Turks to know friend from foe. This confusion will continue for months. Turkey is now cannibalizing itself in a crazed free-for-all of revenge. Civilians murdered all the soldiers in the photo above.

We’re told that 3000 troops and officers attempted a spur-of-the-moment coup, completely on their own. Nobody—not even a single Turk—truly believes that.

Belligerence is extremely self-destructive because it commits you to actions that you know are irrational. Though aware of the truth, the Turks won’t stop behaving like savages. They’re now in the grip of Ottoman blood lust.

That’s the point of “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street.” Unwell people always physically express their hostility.

A belligerent group—a street, an army, or a nation—is prone to turning on itself and imploding in an orgy of violence. Yesterday, the monsters showed Turkey how easy it would be to completely destroy the country. It was a warning.

That warning found receptive ears.

Compare: December 30, 2015.


July 16, 2016.


Labels such as “Sunni” and “Shia” mean nothing to the monsters. They think in terms of “partners,” “neutrals,” and “adversaries.”

Woe betide adversaries of the monsters.

What next for the monsters?

Yesterday showed the monsters that what works on small groups of combatants in Syria will also work on nations.

Iran is comprised of nothing but Maple Streets. Belligerence and paranoia reign. Another element that makes Iranians easy to control is their regimentation. People automatically obey orders. They don’t question who’s giving those orders.

So: The monsters can commandeer a nation’s secure communications systems, shut down the real media, manufacture “traitors,” and broadcast incendiary propaganda. Stories coming from Turkey yesterday were complete fabrications. Here’s a list of groups who the monsters hoodwinked.

the Turkish armed forces
the Turkish National Intelligence Organization
the Turkish government
the Turkish police
the Turkish public
the United States
the European Union
the United Nations
the global press

There’s no evidence for most of the claims made. The monsters planted these stories to whip up hysteria. Monsters on social media helped make the crisis in Turkey appear much worse than it actually was. If the Turks had stayed home, nobody would be dead today. I watched horrific videos of Turkish civilians committing operatic suicide by jumping in front of tanks. That was their choice.

At the height of the chaos, the monsters backed off. They’d learned what they needed to know, that a whole country can be turned on its head in five minutes.

Here’s what I finally understood about the monsters: They WILL NOT overthrow a regime.

However, they’ll help the oppressed overthrow a regime. And they’ll also ruthlessly create unprecedented mayhem to…persuade regimes to stop misbehaving.

Stop misbehaving, world. Or the monsters will come for you.


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