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Trickster in our house, stirring up our doubts

Trickster in our house, stirring up our doubts

You trickster in my house
Creeping in the side door
Stirring up my doubts

So sings my brother Pat Wictor in his original song “Mr. Blues.”

Pat sings about the Trickster from the viewpoint of someone currently experiencing fear, sorrow, and confusion.


I now know that the Trickster has everything under absolute control. All will be well.

Trickster warned

There was no “attempted coup” in Turkey. What happened was the greatest deception operation that any armed force has ever carried out. Now the Turks are busy destroying themselves. As of today, at least 20 percent of the nation’s flag officers are under arrest. This as a result of a “coup” that involved fewer than 1000 men on the street.

Because 0.2 percent of the military “attempted a coup,” Turkey has detained one-fifth of the country’s generals and admirals. The Turkish military can no longer function. About 45 minutes of playacting was all it took to demolish Turkey’s offensive capabilities.

I know the Trickster now. He warned the Turks multiple times. Turkey was going further and further off the rails in a delusional bid for power.

Turkey’s Prime Minister delivered a shock to the Syrian opposition leadership based in his country, after saying Wednesday that the Turkish government could potentially mend relations with the authoritarian government of Syria’s President Bashar Assad.

That was four days ago. At the time, I thought it was part of a coordinated strategy that I couldn’t perceive. However, it’s now clear that the Turks were serious. They threatened to undo at least four years’ worth of extremely hard, brilliant, and HUMANE work. Why?

Because Turkey felt that it wasn’t being treated with the deference that a global superpower deserves.

So the Trickster caused Turkey to ridiculously disintegrate itself in a gargantuan breaking of wind. I can point you to the specific, published, PUBLIC, unambiguous warning that the Trickster gave. The reason I won’t do so is that the Trickster warned publicly only as a last resort. If I call attention to that warning, nothing good will come from it.

Trickster is competent

Now that Turkey can no longer interfere, the Trickster can win the wars in Syria and Iraq more quickly. The video below is truly amazing. Suicide vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (SVBIEDs) are rapidly going the way of the woolly mammoth.


The person who uploaded the video says that an Iraqi rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) destroyed the SVBIED.


However, that isn’t correct. This is an RPG in flight.


Since it’s rocket propelled, it produces a flame. Also, an RPG is unguided. The munition that hit the Islamic State SVBIED had to be guided, because it hit in precisely the right place.

Finally, the explosion is like nothing I’ve ever seen. The munition reduced the effect of the SVBIED.

First, I’m sure that this is a nanodrone used for targeting.


It’s wings are moving too quickly to register on the video.


In comparison, you can clearly see all the flying birds’ wings.


Some of the nanodrones are piloted, and some are autonomous. You could easily program the autonomous ones to land on the most vulnerable place of an SVBIED. It would emit a signal, and then the guided munition would hit the drone and detonate the SVBIED.

Trickster weapon

The munition is a fuel-air explosive (FAE) with multiple warheads. It greatly diminished the power of the SVBIED. The explosive vapor both neutralized and directed the force of the SVBIED, and it deflagrated (incinerated) the payload. You can see it all happen.

Here comes the munition.


It blew a jet of vapor all the way through the SVBIED.


The Islamic State used a much higher video speed to get higher-resolution images. That’s why the Iraqi footage doesn’t show this jet of vapor.

Initially, the explosion appeared to be simply a massive release of energy.


However, this light-gray cloud is extremely unusual.




It’s explosive vapor that directed the force of the SVBIED downward and to the side. A giant truck full of explosives should’ve sent huge metals chunks into the sky. But here’s part of the vehicle, already headed toward the earth.


And the Islamic State video shows the shock wave traveling along the ground, away from the Iraqi soldiers.


Those flames and that giant tower of smoke are impressive, but they mean nothing. Overpressure—a shock wave—is all that matters. The Trickster can now reduce and redirect shock waves from enemy truck and car bombs.

Have you noticed in videos how calm and jovial Iraqi fighters have become? There are two reasons.

Iraqis now have the deadliest guardians who ever lived.

The guardians offer their protection with no strings attached.

People don’t believe me when I say that. Well, you need to understand that the Trickster is acting in his own self-interest too. He needs peace and stability if he’s to survive. But I also believe that the Trickster genuinely wants Middle Easterners to be free of the oppression they’ve lived under for centuries. Too many Arabs are drowning in childish self-pity.


The Trickster wants to change that. He finds self-pity disgusting.

Trickster teases

This video is on YouTube. Obviously we’re meant to see it. The men are fighters of the Free Syrian Army Ahmad al-Abdo Martyrs Forces.

Do you know what the jet fighter is?

It’s a Russian MiG-29 Fulcrum. The underside is azure blue, and the top is a camouflage pattern of sand and brown.

The only MiG-29s known to be in the country are aircraft that belong to the Syrian Arab Air Force. I can’t tell if it has national insignia or not.


My guess is that the Trickster did this to make terrorists crazy with paranoia and scream “TRAITOR!” at each other. And then disintegrate themselves in a gargantuan breaking of wind.

At any rate, someone is flying Mig-29 Fulcrums in support of the Syrian rebels.

The whole thing reminds me of a song that I was never able to get out of my head.

Seether is neither loose nor tight.
Seether is neither black nor white.
I try to keep her on a short leash.
I try to calm her down.
I try to ram her into the ground, yeah.
Can’t fight the seether
Can’t fight the seether
Can’t fight the seether
I can’t see her till I’m foaming at the mouth.

Seether, Trickster—they both make people foam at the mouth.

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