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Stolen dreams is why I write about the Middle East

Stolen dreams is why I write about the Middle East

Authoritarianism results in stolen dreams.

Recently tens of thousands of Middle Easterners began reading my blog.

A few days ago I saw a video that profoundly moved me. It made me finally realize why I write so much about the Middle East.

Stolen for fun

I’ve had a terrible life. There’s no need to go into the details. All you have to know is that my own dreams never came true. They were stolen through a systematic, long-term assault designed to destroy me. Profoundly evil people exist, and they thrive on suffering. Pain is their food.

Because of my history, any form of suffering upsets me greatly. I have to take multiple psychotropic medications in order to survive each day.

Stolen by imperialism

Middle Easterners of all religions, races, and ethnicity have a history of suffering at the hands of both internal and external forces. I once read an article about a British aircraft called the Bristol F2 Fighter.

The article was on the aircraft’s service in the Middle East after World War I. This is the line that I can’t forget.

“Mechanics made extensive modifications for the tedious mission of native pacification.”

These extensive modifications included adding extra guns and bomb racks. “Native pacification” meant killing people who resented being enslaved.


The Turks did exactly the same. In the film Lawrence of Arabia, there’s a very historically accurate scene in which two aircraft bomb and strafe an Arab encampment.

Each aircraft had one forward-firing machine gun for the pilot and a flexible machine gun for the observer. People on the ground could not escape.

Please don’t misunderstand: I don’t feel guilt for things I never did. I haven’t killed or oppressed any Arabs. Also, I don’t see Arabs the way so many westerners do.

The Middle East was a cauldron of endless suffering. Therefore it plagued me, the way my memories do. It’s as simple as that.

But I’m now very optimistic about the future of the Middle East. The suffering will end because extremely serious people are committed to ending it. No western power and no international body actually tried to end the suffering.

Arabs and Israelis are fighting the war that will result in regional freedom. Due to geopolitical realities, Arabs and their African, Asian, and Central Asian allies are the ones actually engaging in combat.

Stolen dreams

I’m going to show you the video that moved me so much, but first I need to explain something.

Extraordinary problems require extraordinary solutions. On July 15, 2016, somebody carried out the most brilliant military operation in human history. It threw Turkey into absolute chaos, which was the only way to stop the Turks from becoming a second Islamic Republic of Iran. The Iranian mullahs arm and finance all sides in every conflict. Turkey supports al-Qaeda, and the Turks were about to normalize relations with Bashar al-Assad.

This would’ve been an absolute nightmare. The Turks were on the verge of becoming another regional mafia that causes trouble in order to force nations into its sphere of influence. To prevent this, someone made the Turkish armed forces and security services implode. There’s no doubt. This F-16 Fighting Falcon turned off its position and anti-collision lights, and it blinked a white light not found on any known version of the jet.

That is not a Turkish F-16. The lights were a signal to an aerial platform such as a drone. This automatically triggered another phase of the operation.

None of the aircraft photographed over Ankara had bombs.

Those are long-range fuel tanks. Again, not Turkish aircraft. They came from outside the country.

Somebody completely took over Turkish military and commercial communications, created multiple deceptions, and then sat back and watched the Turks turn like animals on each other.

I support Operation Erdoland. It had to be done.

Now the United States is about to apply its own extraordinary solution by electing Donald J. Trump president.

Stolen lives

It’s perfectly reasonable for Muslims to oppose Trump’s election. But you need to keep two things in mind.

One, Trump is a businessman. His first offer is ALWAYS much more radical than his final position. It’s very likely that we won’t see a temporary halt in Muslim immigration. Personally, I oppose such a pause, but if it happens, Muslims will live. Currently we refuse to adequately screen all immigrants. It’s suicidal insanity.

The second thing to keep in mind is that we Americans have to think about ourselves for a while. We’re in terrible shape.

This man expresses everything that I feel.

“The Democratic party—they always control the black people. It’s a plantation. As long as they’re on the mammary gland of America, getting their food stamps, getting their welfare, they’re not dreaming for the stars. Society is killing that dream.”

He’s absolutely right. A monstrous injustice has been perpetrated against black Americans.

I’m apolitical. The Republican leadership disgusts me as much as the Democratic leadership. I don’t feel disgust for Democratic or Republican voters, because the overwhelming majority of them support their party in good faith.

But in my fifty-three years, I’ve never heard so many average black Americans say in plain language that they are being used as pawns.

This is a good thing. It means that our culture is about to change for the better.

In the Middle East, people are enslaved so that they can serve as props in hideous theater designed to let despots continue living in luxury. The same thing has happened in the United States. Rulers in both the west and the Middle East have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo, regardless of the suffering it causes.

Those days are ending.

Dream for the stars

The Syrian city of Manbij is being liberated. Arabs of the Manbij Military Council and the Syrian Arab Coalition are taking it back from the Islamic State.

They have help. Did you see it? I have no idea what it is. Keep your eyes on the upper left of the screen below.

Weapon? Surveillance device? Vehicle? There’s no way of knowing.


Arabs are using these devices from half a century or more into the future. Nobody else has them, except for the Israelis. And I can promise you that the Israelis are not fighting in Syria. The operation to liberate Manbij began in January.


Jaysh al-Thuwar is mostly Arab League and allied professional strategic special operators.



Not only are you seeing science fiction made real, you’re seeing unimaginable power being used almost entirely for the benefit of others. There are obviously no strings attached, because we don’t know who flies the strange black boxes and fires the no-kill missiles. The masters of these new weapons hide their identities. Therefore they have no plans to dominate. This is truly unprecedented.

The dreams of Middle Easterners are about to come true. I couldn’t be happier.

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