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Fatuous self-genocide in slow motion

Fatuous self-genocide in slow motion

One of my favorite words is “fatuous.” It means “inanely foolish.” Think of it as deeply silly stupidity. Only intelligent people are capable of being fatuous. What’s a good example of fatuity?

Well, this, of course.


Bradley Manning is not a woman. He was not discharged from the US Army even though at the time, being openly gay was grounds for immediate dismissal. Manning is off his rocker, another reason he should’ve been discharged. He was violently insubordinate, and two of his superiors recommended that he not be sent to Iraq. However, he was deployed. While in a fugue state of melodrama, he leaked over 750,000 classified or sensitive military and diplomatic documents.

Manning is an utterly fatuous person. His supporters are fatuous. The “documentaries” made about various incidents Manning exposed are fatuous. Every single person and organization on that Google screen grab is fatuous.

The pathological American obsession with transgender issues is fatuous.

And now, being fatuous is deadly. Western civilization is in danger of exterminating itself in order to please people who don’t want us to do that.

I’m talking about Muslims, of course.

Fatuous raving

Westerners on social media tend to fall into two camps when it comes to Muslims.

One group sees Muslims as this.


The other group sees Muslims as this.


Both viewpoints are fatuous. There are unbridgeable cultural gaps between Muslims and non-Muslims—just as there are unbridgeable cultural gaps between New Yorkers and Alabamans.

I have nothing in common with the person below except for our citizenship and native language.


She’s a Jew-hating degenerate who has multiple children from multiple fathers, drives drunk, and plays hide-the-salami with Palestinian men who cheat on her, which leads her to write lengthy and foul-mouthed screeds that stink of self-pitying mediocrity.

My viewpoints are nearly identical to those of the Muslim man below.


The only difference between our thinking is that his is about 40 million times more creative and farsighted than mine.

For me, religion is a non-factor. I believe that an Islamic Reformation has begun; the reformers will win.

And that’s all I’m going to say about it. This transformation must be carried out by Muslims. Given what I’ve seen on the battlefields of Yemen, Syria, and Iraq, I have no doubt that the Middle East will become a place of tolerance, stability, and prosperity. It won’t be easy, but Middle Easterners will overcome the challenges. They’ve already done more than half the work necessary; it took them less than ten years.

Front-page fatuous

The thirteenth summit of the 57-nation Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) wrapped up in Istanbul today. Some very amazing things were said. Because this was a Muslim event, the western press tried to cram reality into the pre-molded shape of their agenda. Remember, “bias news” isn’t a problem, according to Michelle Fields.


This is what Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan told reporters.

The Turkish president later held a joint press conference with OIC Secretary-General Iyad Madani, where he said the “three main problems” that Muslims experience are “sectarianism, racism and terror.”

So, the Associated Press (AP) put it in their Big Story category.

A Google search shows that the AP led with Erdoğan’s comment about racism.


However, the story has now been edited. There’s no mention of racism in the current version of the piece.

It took me two hours to discover why the AP scrubbed the Turkish president’s comments about racism.

The answer is that the Associated Press will now shield Muslims from all criticism, regardless of the context.

Fatuous decay

Here’s what President Erdoğan said.

He also said racism causes divisions among Muslim countries and removes them from their inner conscience and humanity.

“God created us in tribes. We respect everyone’s tribe. We respect every tribe and race in the world. If one race tries to prove superiority over another, that is mischief,” Erdoğan said.

Erdoğan was criticizing MUSLIM RACISM. Therefore the AP hurriedly removed it from their story. They first thought that the Turkish president was saying that racism against Muslims is one of the problems they face, but in reality, he said that Muslim racism is one of the reasons that the Islamic world is struggling.

Think about how utterly nonfunctional the western press has become. Not even a Muslim head of state can criticize Islam. Shielding Islam from criticism has become a deranged cult. Westerners don’t actually care about Muslims; they refuse to criticize Islam as a way of differentiating themselves from people who they hate.

The same people who won’t criticize Islam have made a gleeful national sport of attacking guys like this.

A college student who drew complaints for displaying a Confederate flag in his dorm room window said he sees the banner as a symbol of Southern pride and not racism.

The 19-year-old student at the University of South Carolina Beaufort took the flag down at the university’s request, but he said he’s considering putting it back up after the officials relented. Byron Thomas has drawn nearly 70,000 views since he posted a video online in which he said, “When I look at this flag, I don’t see racism. I see respect, Southern pride.”


In a telephone interview Thursday, Thomas said a class research project made him come to the belief that the flag’s real meaning has been hijacked. He said he wants people to thoughtfully consider issues of race and not just knee-jerk reactions to such symbols.

He said university officials asked him to take the banner down just before Thanksgiving after students and parents complained when it was seen by them on campus tours, but have since told him he can put it back up.

Well, guess what? I tricked you. The photo above is a composite that I made. I also edited the article, AP-style. This is the actual story.

Reality never comports with pedagogy, but fanatics never stop. On their own. They do stop if you smash them as hard as you can, over and over and over.

Fatuous bigotry

Muslims don’t need non-Muslims to coddle them, as President Erdoğan noted.

Why are we expecting others to solve the problems of Muslims? We should be able to solve our own problems.

I judge every person by his or her actions. I don’t care about their words or thoughts. It doesn’t offend me when someone says he hates old, bearded, part-Mexican white guys. I think jailing people for non-threats is barbaric. And I think that killing people for speech, doing weird things to books, or drawing cartoons is exponentially more barbaric.

When it comes to Islam, almost everything we in the west do is counterproductive. However, this period is ending. In the near future, the west and the Middle East will be able to tackle problems on an equal footing. And despite our differences, we’ll eventually learn to get along.

And then we’ll eat!