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Human rights organizations being ignored. Why would that be?

Human rights organizations being ignored. Why would that be?

The real world isn’t like the movies. Leaders of western democracies don’t gleefully stuff their pockets with cash while bellowing with laughter as they watch schools and hospitals being bombed. Somewhere along the line, human rights organizations went insane. They internalized the Michael Moorean ideology that all war waged by developed nations is based on sheer blood lust.

The problem is that neither human rights organizations nor Michael Moore have any factual knowledge about munitions or military tactics. Moore is now a cartoon character, a man who looks like a bitter old lesbian.


He appeals only to idiots and liars. To this day, “reputable” news outlets repeat the lie that Donald Trump said he wants to “ban Muslims” from the US. Here’s what he actually said.

Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.

Trump said this after Tashfeen Malik passed three immigration security checks and was allowed to enter the US, despite years of publicly threatening to commit violent jihad.


Those in charge of protecting us failed at their job.

The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee on Saturday said U.S. officials “sloppily approved” the visa application of Tashfeen Malik, one of the shooters in the massacre in San Bernardino, Calif., that left 14 people dead.

Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) reviewed Malik’s visa application and said that immigration officials had not sufficiently vetted the information that Malik provided in her efforts to obtain a visa. He said the materials in the file did not conclusively show that Malik and her future husband, Syed Rizwan Farook, had met in person — a requirement for a foreigner who is seeking a K-1 fiancee visa…

According to Goodlatte, an immigration official initially requested more evidence to show that the couple had met before in person. However, he said, no additional materials were provided, and the application was still approved.

Currently the US Department of Homeland Security is only playacting. Nobody there is concerned in the least about homeland security.

The instruction to refrain from scrutinizing social-media commentary, a precious source of intelligence, is a straightforward application of what passes for the official Obama administration “anti”-terrorism strategy, known as “Countering Violent Extremism.”

Right after the massacre, it emerged that Malik had provided government screeners with a fake Pakistani address. She may also have been educated in a notoriously anti-Western madrassa. Neither fact was discovered during the vetting process.

As a matter of policy, the Department of Homeland Security — the bureaucratic behemoth created after 9/11 to enhance protection of our country — avoids looking at, much less scrutinizing, the publicly available social-media commentary of aliens who seek visas to enter the United States, including from Islamic countries that are jihadist strongholds.

The Obama administration didn’t create these ludicrous restrictions out of an urge to avoid offending Muslims. Instead, the president is motivated by an obsession with superficially differentiating himself from Republicans. If that means getting us killed, so be it. Michael Moore is the same way. He doesn’t actually care about Muslims; this issue is just another club he can use to beat Republicans over the head because he hates them for reminding him of his father.

Everyone who hates Republicans has daddy issues. Note: I didn’t say, “Everyone who DISAGREES with Republicans has daddy issues.” Disagreement is perfectly legitimate. But monomaniacal hatred means that you’re a mental patient who needs to be locked up. Republican politicians customarily violate their stated principles and say, “Next year everything will change.” It’s deranged for leftists to hate them. They’re working with leftists to make Americans completely dependent on government.

Take a bow, Mr. Speaker!


You don’t have to agree with Donald Trump. Go ahead and hate him, if you want. He won’t care. Trump is an old-fashioned alpha male, a species nearly extinct in the US. That’s why he rubs so many people the wrong way. We’re used to this.

It’s embarrassing. We’ve become a nation of eunuchs, mumbling about how mean words are. Speaking of words, what did Democratic Minority Leader Reid say at 1:11?

“Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz proposed oolejiss k’dust for refugees.”

Facing this life-and-death crisis, we’re led by senile drunks, bearded frauds, and droning holograms. Crazy people are projecting their own unhinged hate. Muslims will survive a temporary halt to immigration until we can figure out HOW TO READ SOCIAL-MEDIA POSTINGS.

Human rights orgs rightfully ignored

In an era of eunuchoidal beta malehood, how likely is it that western leaders would publicly sell weapons to those who openly commit mass war crimes? The American government can’t bring itself to read social-media postings, but it’s going to give bombs to people who cheerfully blow up schools and hospitals?

Who believes that?

Well, human rights organizations. In reality they don’t believe it; they’re just saying it so that the donations will continue to pour in. This is a pretty typical rant.

Government breaking the law supplying arms to Saudi say leading lawyers

Wait: The government is providing arms to just one Saudi? Who is he? Does he constitute the entirety of the Royal Saudi Arabian Air Force? Has the low price of oil forced the kingdom to make dramatic cuts in its armed forces? Is the navy only one sailor now? And the army is just one really busy soldier?

The UK Government is breaking national, EU and international law and policy by supplying weapons to Saudi Arabia in the context of its military intervention and bombing campaign in Yemen according to an analysis by eminent international law experts commissioned by Amnesty International and Saferworld, both members of the Control Arms coalition…

They also conclude that the UK Government can properly be deemed to have “actual knowledge… of the use by Saudi Arabia of weapons, including UK-supplied weapons, in attacks directed against civilians and civilians objects, in violation of international law”, since at least May 2015.

Amnesty International UK Director, Kate Allen, said: “The UK has fuelled this appalling conflict through reckless arms sales which break its own laws and the global Arms Trade Treaty it once championed.

“This legal opinion confirms our long-held view that the continued sale of arms from the UK to Saudi Arabia is illegal, immoral and indefensible.

“Thousands of civilians have been killed in Saudi-led airstrikes, and there’s a real risk that misery was ‘Made in Britain’.”

Color me shocked! Lawyers hired by Amnesty International confirmed Amnesty International’s long-held view! Amnesty International would never hire me, because I’m a nobody and because I’d demolish their accusations with a simple question.

Why would the Coalition conduct terror-bombing with precision-guided munitions (PGMs)?

The British sold the Saudis Paveway IV 500-lb (227-kg) bombs.


They cost $45,000 each. The “dumb” version—the MK-82—costs $2700 in today’s money. Why would the Coalition use astronomically more expensive PGMs to kill one or two or five civilians here and there?

This is what the Paveway is for.


Again, why would the Coalition use precision-guided munitions in deliberate attacks on Yemeni civilians? To spare other civilians? It makes as much sense as this stupid, beta-male disclaimer.


“Despite our effort to make this bomb undrop itself, we were not successful.”

“We’ve uploaded this video strictly for the purpose of archiving the horror. DO NOT subscribe to our YouTube channel!”

“Viewer discretion is advised for those of you going out of your way to find violent content.”

The UK is not in danger of being prosecuted for war crimes because none are being committed. Human rights groups made the same false accusations against Israel, and I had the same question: Why deliberately target civilians with precision-guided munitions?

And of course the answer is that you don’t. Human rights organizations are corrupt, worthless, and destructive. They’re in it only for themselves. Michael Moore is a perfect allegorical figure, a living cautionary tale whose existence serves as a warning.


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