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I lied: Pierre Rehov and I are making a movie

I lied: Pierre Rehov and I are making a movie

On November 9, 2014, I wrote that Pierre Rehov would not make a documentary that included my research into Palestinian hoaxes perpetrated during Operation Protective Edge.

I lied.

Mr. Rehov actually agreed to make the film, but he asked me to announce that the documentary would not be made. This was to allow his camera crew to get into Gaza, which it did. Twice. The filming in Gaza is finished, so Mr. Rehov has given me permission to announce that the documentary will be made.

All images courtesy Pierre Rehov.


The film is fully funded. There will be no need to raise money. Mr. Rehov tells me that it will be “an atomic bomb.” He doesn’t release the titles of his movies until the films are completed. However, he’s told me the title, and it’s terrific. You’ll hear heads exploding all over the world when the film is released.

If you don’t know about Mr. Rehov, watch his film The Road to Jenin, about the fake massacre of Palestinians alleged to have taken place in a refugee camp in 2002.


Mr. Rehov is motivated by anger at the injustice shown Israelis and Jews. This is why he and I immediately got along. Like me, he doesn’t hate Palestinians or Muslims. He hates TERRORISTS who hold helpless civilians hostage, murder them, and then blame it on the innocent.

I’ll be interviewed for the documentary; my task will be to explain my theories on Operation Four Little Martyrs and possibly other Pallywood productions.

Mr. Rehov has full artistic control over the film. My input as producer has been sought, but I’m not a filmmaker. The finished documentary will be entirely Mr. Rehov’s vision. However he chooses to use my material is fine with me. My biggest fear was that I’d somehow wreck the project.

“Are you sure you want to use material from a guy who sees ghost cats?” I asked.

Mr. Rehov laughed and used some very earthy language, suggesting what critics could go and do to themselves. He told me that initially he thought that my theories had to be wrong; he thought they might possibly be a fanatic’s desperate attempts to defend Israel against all evidence. But he tells me that my posts convinced him that I’m right. He agreed to make the movie after he was approached by a friend of mine. She should take a bow. Without her help, this wouldn’t have happened.


It’s not likely that I’ll give any interviews about the documentary. Two exceptions will be to Tzippy Yarom and James Delingpole if they ask. Also, if Mr. Rehov wants me to share an interview with him, I will. But this is HIS movie. I just provided some material. The credit for the film must go to him. He hates it when I say that, but nothing would make me happier than to see him garner all the accolades for this particular work. He deserves it.

When Mr. Rehov is ready to give interviews, you’re in for a treat. He’s easily one of the most entertaining conversationalists I’ve ever met. His stories are beyond belief. A very courageous man, he himself went under cover in the Palestinian territories multiple times.

Please forgive the lie that the film would not be made. We had to do that in order to protect the film crew.

For everyone who was disappointed that Mr. Rehov was not going to use my material in a film, I apologize for fooling you. The stakes were enormous. For the first time, I was responsible for the lives of others. It’s a terrible feeling. Like commandos behind enemy lives, the film crew volunteered. They trusted me with their lives, which is awesome and horrifying. I’ll probably never meet them, but I want to commend them for their courage and devotion to the truth.


For those of you who claim I hate Palestinians, I’ve just proven you wrong. Due to security concerns, I can’t say anything else about the film crew. It’s another reason I won’t give interviews. I like to blather on my blog; before that I spoke to and wrote about musicians. Nobody was in danger of dying because of what I said.

Someone recently told me that I’m a hero for exposing the lies about Israel. While I appreciate the sentiment, Mr. Rehov and his camera crew are the real heroes. The threats made against me have so far only been words. If I were given the choice between going into Gaza to make a documentary about Palestinian terrorism, or having a fire hose shoved down my throat and turned on, I’d open up and say, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

So there you have it. Pierre Rehov is making a documentary that features some of my material on Operation Protective Edge.

I’m very honored.


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