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MOS is an acronym that everybody should know

MOS is an acronym that everybody should know

Almost nobody fighting in Syria has been extensively trained. The videos speak for themselves. People are given every weapon imaginable and ordered out onto the battlefield. It’s a recipe for war that nobody can win. To be victorious, you need training. The US military has created the concept of military occupational specialty or MOS. Each MOS has a number.

US Army

Infantryman - 11B

Indirect Fire Infantryman - 11C

Cannon Crewmember - 13B

M1 Armor Crewman - 19K

Special Forces Weapons Sergeant - 18B

French Horn Player - 02D

US Marine Corps

Rifleman - 0311

Light Armored Vehicle Crewman - 0313

Machine gunner - 0331

Mortarman - 0341

Infantry Assaultman - 0351

The other branches of service have their own MOS codes; all branches have different codes for officers.

No MOS codes

Here’s the al-Nusra Front fighting in Syria. This is the Syrian al-Qaeda.

They’re just making noise. None of what you saw above is effective fire. These men are afraid of their own weapons. They hide in holes to fire a single mortar round.

Compare the terrorists to a trained American mortar squad.

Now an American field-artillery crew.

Mortars and most artillery are used for “indirect fire.” You can’t see the target. The terrorists in Syria are firing rounds in every direction because they aren’t resetting the weapons after the recoil. They’re not hitting what they want.

This guy has a loaded assault rifle pointed right at him.


The AK-47 has a problem with accidental discharges. The fire-selection lever (green arrow below) can be accidentally knocked upward from the “safe” position.


This can cause the rifle to fire. That idiot has aimed his rifle at himself in an environment of violent concussions. He has no training whatsoever.

What’s the MOS for clown?

These men are pitiful. If they ever faced real soldiers, they’d all die in three seconds.

Hey, look! Someone’s already dead.


And this bozo is shooting fully automatic with one hand.


He may as well have opened a box of cartridges and dumped them on the ground.

The reason the Syrian civil war has gone on for so long is that almost everyone involved is utterly inept. Recently it was determined that about 470,000 have been killed since 2011. This huge death toll is the result of incompetence.

In Sri Lanka, the Tamil insurgency lasted almost twenty-six years. A maximum of 100,000 were killed. Both the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) and the Sri Lankan armed forces were very highly trained. The LTTE was trained by the Palestinians and the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK). Indian intelligence also trained the Tigers, who in gratitude assassinated Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on May 21, 1991.


Gandhi was killed by a female suicide bomber. The LTTE pioneered modern suicide bombing using vests, plastic explosives, and steel ball bearings. Although the United Nations decries the way the Sri Lankan military ended the insurgency with an offensive that lasted from January 2008 until May of 2009, I would argue that the LTTE set the rules of engagement. They lost, because the Sri Lankan Army went on a crash training program. Their instructors were from China, Pakistan, Russia, the US, India, and…Israel.

MOS Number 100%-BS

Another video of Syrian rebels playacting.

Here’s a guy with MOS 10-JB, for James Bond.


When he sits in the truck, he’s going to shoot himself in the buttocks.

This is how real warriors carry pistols for immediate use. Emirati Presidential Guard.


A pistol tucked into your belt in the small of your back is fantasy.

The screen grab below illustrates everything that’s wrong with the Syrian rebels.


A hipster with saggy skinny-pants firing blindly while a homeless drunk with a black eye looks to the director for instructions.

The guy below has totally lost control of his machine gun. He’s shooting the wall across the alley.


I don’t think the Saudis and Turks ever planned on winning the Syrian war with these dopes. For one thing, I’ve found evidence of direct Arab League support for the Kurds going back to at least January of 2014.


That’s the Guided Precision Aerial Delivery System (GPADS), dropped by the United Arab Emirates Air Force.


The same footage shows two helmeted men wearing knee pads.


It’s also clear to me that Turkey had accepted the inevitability of an independent Kurdistan by September of 2014. First the Turks allowed 300 Kurds to join Syrian Kurds fighting the Islamic State in Kobane; then 130,00 Syrian Kurds were allowed into Turkey; then Turkish jet fighters bombed the Islamic State in Syria; then 1500 Kurdish fighters were allowed to enter Kobane from Turkey; then 150 Kurdish Peshmerga from Iraq were allowed into Kobane from Turkey. This last force was armed with artillery.

The Turks didn’t have to do any of that. Not a single country on earth has the leverage to make Turkey do something that she doesn’t want to do.

But as my brother Pat said, only fellow Muslims could persuade Turkey to accept an independent Kurdistan. There are about 16,000 Kurdish YPG and YPJ fighters in Syria. The Turks killed over 29,000 PKK fighters from 1984 to 2015. A further 18,000 Kurds were executed, and another 20,000 were killed by unknown assailants.

In the current war in Syria, the Kurds have lost about 1600. The Turks are not targeting them.

I think that the Arab League, the Turks, the Kurds, and the Israelis all studied the nearly unbroken string of mistakes that western powers made in the Middle East, and together these people laid out a long-term plan for the region. It requires a lot of deception, because there are plenty of insane people in the region. But I now think that the sane outnumber the insane.

This video is genuine. I’m sure of it.

In other words, they didn’t pretend to treat the terrorist and then kill him once the cameras were turned off. I’ve seen enough evidence to convince me that a preference cascade has swept the Middle East, and people are ready for a massive and permanent change for the better.

This is supposed to be a Kurd, but I don’t think so.


His stance, rolled-up mat, and the way his rifle hangs make me think “professional.” I’m guessing Algerian. They favor that haircut.

MOS 27H - Exterminator

I heard a rumor, and it was kind of confirmed.

In the wake of the terrorist surge this week, the IDF began to deploy around the houses of terrorists who have expressed on social media their intention to launch attacks.

Large special forces units entered dozens of terrorists’ homes in Yehuda and Shomron during the past 24 hours, along with Arabic-speaking Shin Bet agents to warn them not to carry out their plans.

The IDF is saying that this is just one aspect of its program to deal more effectively with inciters in the media and the Palestinian street.

According to the rumor, native speakers of Arabic are also warning the Palestinians to knock it off.

Make of that what you will. If I were the Palestinians, I’d stop immediately.


Skinny native speakers of Arabic, armed with Israeli missiles. They’re down to about their last two or three warnings. When have they shaken a recent Palestinian leader’s hand the way they did with Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon?


With Pakistan Defense Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif (center right) looking on in delight?