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PKK video of helicopter shot down is fake

PKK video of helicopter shot down is fake

I wasn’t going to write about this, but a western fanboy of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party or PKK made me decide to grind his face into his childish gullibility. I’m sick of smug imbeciles attacking me for no reason. Since they have no factual knowledge, they always resort to personal insults. They’re trying to drive me off of social media.

Well, maybe this new arrangement will make them stop: For every assault, I’ll reveal lies and failures of the group that person supports. Okay?

The video showing the PKK shooting down a Turkish Land Forces helicopter gunship is a cheap fake. I’m amazed that people believe propaganda like this, but I always overestimate the intelligence of my fellow humans.

PKK theater

First, the video.

I’m not a gushing follower of any political movement, and I’m skeptical of all claims. What I do is download videos and examine them frame by frame.

People who know nothing about anything tell me I’m wrong, but that’s called “wish casting.” When they get too annoying in their squealing mania or rage, I simply block them from reading my social-media posts. Today I decided to show what I can do when I’m in the mood to turn sacred cows into tasty hamburgers.

Initially the Turks said that the AH-1W Super Cobra crashed due to mechanical failure, but now they report that the aircraft may have been destroyed by a surface-to-air missile. My guess is that the helicopter crashed, the PKK slapped together this ridiculous piece of schlock, and then the Turks bought into the fraud, based on the video. Saudis, Emiratis, Qataris, and Bahrainis appear to be the only people on the planet who are indifferent to social-media pressure.

Regardless of what happened, this PKK video is completely fake.

PKK weapon

The missile allegedly used was a man-portable antiaircraft defense system, or MANPADS. This particular version is the Soviet-era 9K310 Igla-1E, called the SA-16 Gimlet in the west.


It’s quite old, and the 9K310 Igla-1E is a simplified export model. For cretins.

The 9M313 missile is a self-guiding heat seeker. However, it doesn’t hit the exhaust nozzle of aircraft. More evidence that the PKK video is fake.

Supposedly a Turkish Bell AH-1W Super Cobra was shot down. The red arrow shows the exhaust nozzles.


In the PKK video, the missile hits the exhaust nozzles.


Unfortunately for the PKK, the 9M313 missile is programmed to swerve and hit the fuselage of the aircraft. It’s called “terminal maneuver.” The person who made the video has a general knowledge of MANPADS.

Not good enough.

PKK frame choice

The video was shot at 20 frames per second, which is less than most silent movies used a century ago. This frame rate was chosen because it results in far fewer images to manipulate. However, it also helps expose the PKK video as fake.

Here’s a US Marine Corps AH-1W Super Cobra filmed at 30 frames per second.

Although the frame rate is 50 percent faster than that of the PKK video, the helicopter rotors are blurred.


Yet at 20 frames per second, we can clearly see…four rotors on the “Turkish helicopter.”


Not only does an AH-1W have only two rotors, they would be completely invisible at 20 frames per second. The filmmaker used a crappy effect: Two straight lines were jiggled to make viewers think rotors were spinning. Side by side, you can see the difference between fake and real.


The Turkish helicopter is phony. It didn’t exist. The PKK used computer-generated imagery (CGI).

PKK screwups

We’re supposed to believe that a heroic PKK freedom fighter shot down a Turkish AH-1W Super Cobra with a Soviet-era 9K310 Igla-1E. It turns out that the missile is as fake as the helicopter.

We get a clear view of the 9M313 as it leaves the launcher.


At 20 frames per second, it should be too blurry to see.

I can’t tell if it has control surfaces on the tail, but that doesn’t matter. The shape of the body is all wrong.


A real 9M313 missile has a distinct taper at the rear. There’s no such taper on the fake PKK missile. It’s more CGI.

Here are two consecutive frames of the missile operator waiting to fire. Keep in mind that he was filmed with a handheld camera. Look at the grass in front of his left ankle.


Impossible. The cameraman and the missileer became statues. And why was the cameraman giving a countdown? Obviously the cameraman had his eyes on his companion, not the helicopter. The reason the cameraman gave a countdown was so that the other guy would hold his pose. They froze him into a statue to make the video even longer and more melodramatic.

Today I read some total bogosity about how the missile operator waited until exactly the right time to fire, just when the helicopter banked away, and the pilot couldn’t see.

Nonsense. Automatic countermeasures would’ve taken over. The AN/AAR-47 Missile Warning System (MWS) ejects flares and metal chaff to confuse heat-seeking missiles, while audio and visual alerts tell the crew the direction from which the threat is coming. In the fake PKK video, the Turkish airmen had five seconds to react. That’s an eternity.

The animator forgot to give the helicopter skids.


They simply aren’t there.


Also, no missile in the frame before the strike. The smoke trail (red arrow) just petered out.


The missile engine should be visible as a dark dot.

More PKK sloppiness.


The tumbling fuselage becomes perfectly stationary in midair for two consecutive frames.

Here are the various views of the AH-1W Super Cobra.


In the PKK video, the helicopter comes down nose first.


Half a second later, without cartwheeling, it’s now falling tail first.


The video is a fraud. There’s no doubt whatsoever.

A note to PKK fanboys

I do what I do because I enjoy it. The Arab League, the Kurds, Israel, and Turkey are going win the wars against jihadists, and the Kurds and Turks will eventually bury the hatchet. They’ll do it despite idiotic, amoral outsiders fanning the flames of ethnic and sectarian hate.

Guess what? I’m sitting on tons of evidence that various sides can’t fight worth a damn. Other people are doing all the fighting for them. If you push me, I’ll start writing posts about the shocking incompetence of certain groups. It’s all on video. I can embarrass the hell out of a lot of people.

Consider yourselves warned.