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Secular humanism and the wonderful job it does

Secular humanism and the wonderful job it does

Although I’m a theist, I’m not religious. Still, nothing irritates me more than secular humanists telling me that the religious are stupid. In reality, secular humanism robs everyone of common sense. It’s the religious who will save the world’s collective rear end.

Secular dogma

Anti-theists have created the stupidest religion in human history. It’s the secular humanists who thank their rapists in Germany and who claim that the Iranian mullahs can be trusted with nuclear weapons. This is what historian Victor Davis Hanson calls the “therapeutic approach” to geopolitics, crime, and counter-terrorism: All conflict is the result of misunderstandings.

No. All conflict is the result of people trying selfishly to impose their will on others. But because secular humanists have abolished common sense, we have atrocities like the one below.

After his retirement, French multiple martial arts (MMA) star Amokrane Sabet moved to Canggu, Badung District, Bali, Indonesia, where he proceeded to terrorize the residents for two straight years.


At the age of forty-nine, he was much bulkier than he’d been in his prime, indicating massive steroid consumption. He was blacklisted from every restaurant, hotel, and bar because he never paid for his meals or drinks, and he threatened to murder every single person he came across.

Finally the police went to arrest him, and he met them with a butcher knife.


In the video, you’ll see him die, but there’s no gore. The reason he was shot so many times is that the police initially used rubber bullets.

Because of some absurd, harebrained, secular-humanist, therapeutic notion that this deranged man had to be taken alive, police sergeant Anak Agung Putu Sudiarta, 39, was stabbed to death.




He left behind a wife and three children.

At first, the Bali police admitted the truth.

Describing the chronology of events that unfolded this morning, Bali’s highest ranking police official, Bali Police Chief Insp. Gen. Sugeng Priyanto told local media that warning shots were fired first.

“One of our members died when the French man stabbed him with a knife. We then shot him (Sabet) dead after our warning shots were ignored,” Priyanto said, as quoted by Tribun Bali.

But the killing of Sabet has created an international outcry against excessive force, so the story was changed.

An autopsy conducted at Denpasar’s Sanglah Hospital has concluded that the death of the Frenchman was not due to gunshot wounds, but rather due to broken windpipes, reports Tribun Bali. Blood is said to have entered Sabet’s lungs when his neck was cut by a sharp object.

“At that time, our officer who was killed was not carrying a weapon. From my analysis, during the struggle, our officer was able to defend himself and fight back. As a result, the blade of the knife that Sabet was carrying himself cut his own neck,” [Chief Insp. Gen. Sugeng] Priyanto said on Wednesday from Bali Police headquarters, as quoted by Tribun.

In total, 36 wounds were reportedly found on Sabet’s body during the examination. These consisted of 24 rubber bullet gunshot wounds and 12 wounds from a sharp object in the neck area, according to Priyanto.

“The autopsy found no bullets. Only injury from rubber bullets. It was a puncture wound that led to Amokrane’s death. In the other organs, the brain, there were no injuries found,” the police chief added.

The photo of Sabet’s corpse shows three bullet wounds on his face and head and no obvious injuries on his neck. The red arrow marks the shot that killed him.

We know that the police shot him with live rounds because an officer is holding a forensic marker (red arrow) for a photographer.


The Balinese police should’ve killed Sabet the second he began running, and then they should’ve told the world to cram it.

Secular depravity

The pathology called secular humanism has a twin: socialism. Both teach that perpetrators must be protected, while victims are disposable. The religious correctly reject this perversion.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up.

—Ecclesiastes 3:1-3

For all their jabbering about “gray areas,” secular humanists see everything in terms of absolutes. It’s the religious who know that there’s a time for almost everything. On occasion, you must kill. It’s the moral thing to do. You kill the perpetrator to protect the victim.

I have no doubt that the majority of the Arab League strategic special operators fighting in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq are religious. But the Pentagon has just revealed how truly moral these Sunni Muslims are.

US Army Colonel Steve Warren: Well, right now, more than 50 percent of the Iraqi security forces are committed to the defense of Baghdad, and we have advised the Iraqis that that’s enough.

More than half of all Iraqi security forces have been moved to Baghdad to protect it. That means that thousands of Arab League special operators are in Iraq to fight the Islamic State. I made that guess based on photos and videos. And I was absolutely right.

[Ibrahim] al-Jinabi, a member of the Judicial Council of Iraq’s southwestern Anbar Governate (much of which is presently occupied by Daesh/ISIL terrorists) not only confirmed the possibility of Saudi troops joining the conflict, but suggested that this might happen in the very near future.

“The military component of the Islamo-Arabic coalition recently formed by Saudi Arabia intends to take part in the operation to clear Anbar province,” the lawmaker unambiguously noted.

Asked whether the Riyadh’s possible move has Washington’s approval, al-Jinabi said that “this action by Saudi authorities will be carried out in accordance with a new US policy in Iraq, and is definitely coordinated with US leaders.”

The presence of Saudis in Iraq accomplished something nearly incomprehensible. Remember Moqtada al-Sadr, the Iranian lackey?


His Mahdi Army killed thousands of Coalition troops and Iraqis.

Well, on April 24, 2016, al-Sadr asked the UN and the Organization for Islamic Cooperation to mediate Iraq’s endless political crises. Then on April 30, 2016, hundreds of al-Sadr’s followers broke into the heavily guarded Green Zone in Baghdad…and staged a peaceful sit-in. They left after 24 hours.

Al-Sadr wants Iraq’s ministerial system changed. Currently ministers are appointed based on a political quota. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and al-Sadr want to replace party affiliated ministers with professional technocrats, since the current approach allows for patronage and massive corruption. Party members get rich and powerful, while the average person suffers.

It used to be said that Arab politics and violence were inseparable. What’s happening in Iraq is that the Shia are now convinced that no Sunni nation will dominate them. What better way to reassure someone than to send troops to clandestinely defend him?

Secular sectarianism

Every day on social media, I read messages from secular humanists who want to abolish religion. I don’t want to abolish secular humanism, but I will criticize it for its stupidity, destructiveness, and immorality.

It’s almost certain that a religious pilot dropped this munition.

He had to have been an Arab, because the US doesn’t have munitions that do this.


There’s literally nothing left of the target, but the buildings around it are largely undamaged.

Here’s the munition.


It burrowed into the earth and then channeled all the explosive force straight up in a narrow column.


More new technology created by Israelis given unlimited funds.

The only thing that always tells the truth is weaponry. Today, this happened.


There’s no need to watch the video. In the city of Azaz, Syria, an Arab named Abu Hanin Jamil murdered two unarmed female Kurdish negotiators in retaliation for the YPG displaying the corpses of dead Islamists in Afrin. His rationale is a lie; he just wanted to murder some Kurds.

This is Abu Hanin Jamil.



I had no idea who Charles Lister is.


Well, he’s another westerner who thinks that Middle Easterners are incapable of solving their own problems. Like others on social media, he’s trying to make the murder of the two Kurdish negotiators into a region-wrecking event. That won’t happen.

Abu Hanin Jamil will be eliminated in fairly short order by men who are very opposed to murder. Right now there’s trouble between the Kurds and the Islamist Arab militias in Syria, but it won’t last. Most people don’t want to spend their lives at war. Also, the men imposing order on the Middle East have an unprecedented ability to help people see the light.

If you refuse to see the light, then the lights go out for you.

It’s not personal; the truly religious perceive the big picture. Some people can’t be allowed to live. And the religious will always outsmart the anti-religious.

Iraq has deployed “large” military forces at the border with Saudi Arabia to oversee the ongoing military training conducted by the kingdom, member of the parliamentary security and defense committee Adnan al-Asadi told the Iraqi news agency INA.

No. The reality is that Iraqis are being trained in Saudi Arabia. Guaranteed. These are men of Muqtada al-Sadr’s Peace Brigades, a Shi’ite militia.


Behold Yemeni militiamen trained and equipped by the Saudis.


Secular humanists don’t have to agree with the religious, but it’s time to stop insulting and underestimating.