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Smokescreens allow very good things to happen

Smokescreens allow very good things to happen

American Jew-haters always ask me, “What do we get for our support of Israel?” I used to give them examples of weapons, and they’d sneer and say, “We can build all of that ourselves.” Well, we were certainly unable to build what Israel has apparently given us. Multiple smokescreens were used to finance and distribute the weapons. The best smokescreens in the world are the ones you can never figure out.

Aleppo smokescreen

First, some theater. This video is supposed to show the destruction by tunnel bomb of the Air Force Building in Aleppo. I don’t believe it.

For one thing, the soundtrack is ridiculous. They put in roaring from a dinosaur movie, and did the tiny drone have a tiny pilot, mumbling in Yiddish?

Tish tuchus.” Ass table.

The clouds of smoke are obviously computer-generated imagery (CGI). This creamy waterfall of dust is the giveaway.


Even 9/11 “truthers” admit that the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center actually collapsed.


See all the debris? You just can’t fake urban destruction with CGI.

Here’s another view of the “tunnel bomb,” with exactly the same soundtrack as the video above.

You’ve even got the tiny drone pilot mumbling in Yiddish about ass tables.

The logo in the upper left-hand corner of the video is that of Kata’ib Fajr al-Khilafa, the “Dawn of the Caliphate Brigades.” They have absolutely no media presence, and there’s no information about them available, even though they’re supposed to belong to Fatah Halab or Aleppo Conquest, the joint-operations room of Syrian rebels in Aleppo Governorate.

Smokescreen for what?

Here’s the original video, attributed to al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate the al-Nusra Front.

The tiny drone pilot says, “Tish tuchus” in Yiddish again as the explosion is filmed from a nearby structure. Note the corner of the building (red arrow).


And here’s a screen grab from the Dawn of the Caliphate Brigades video.

Kata'ib Fajr al-Khilafa.3

Exactly the same place, but no corner of the building, and no dust on the lens.

In closeup, you can see the awful quality of the computer graphics.


That’s not an explosion; it’s a mound of rocky road ice cream. The whole thing is phony, one of the many smokescreens being laid down in Syria.

Here’s some more great cheesiness in the al-Nusra video.



A rebel rocket just barely missed the drone! What are the odds?!

Now a fourth video, with a completely different soundtrack from the first three.

In this one, there was a massive firefight going on right before the tunnel bomb was detonated. Now, instead of dinosaurs, they’ve got elephant-howler monkey hybrids bellowing in celebration.

Though the angle isn’t the same, the stupid Loch Ness Monster smoke cloud hasn’t changed.


This fake bombing has been reported as real.

A few days ago, a major tunnel bomb struck the northern building blocks of the Zahraa district in western Aleppo in an area controlled by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

It now turns out that the insurgent attack targeted an outpost of the Liwa al-Quds Brigade with the incident killing 46 fighters from the pro-government paramilitary group.

Liwa al-Quds is Palestinians. This is actually excellent news, because it proves that the Arab League plan is working. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Smokescreens for America

I never bought the notion that President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hate each other. Photos prove otherwise.



And so do videos. Below, you’ll see the deaths of Taliban terrorists, but there’s no gore.

That aerostat blimp was filming at 30 frames per second. Every known American air-to-surface missile can be captured on video.

AGM-114 Hellfire at 30 frames per second.



AGM-65 Maverick at 25 frames per second.



AGM-176 Griffin at 20 frames per second.




In the video of the Taliban terrorists meeting their makers, the missile is flying too fast to register.



And that’s a fuel-air explosion. No question. A cloud of explosive vapor was set off.

The Israelis have given us their new weapons.

Smokescreens are necessary

People are stupid, bigoted, angry, and homicidal. Enlightened leaders have to lie in order to keep from having to commit genocide against their own miserable populations. Jew-haters don’t care about the miracles that Israel routinely creates.

The new missiles fly at Mach 18, and they flatten explosions created by terrorist munitions.





That flat explosion is one signature of the new Israeli weapons. Here’s the other.

This is the terrorist.


See how the wall was demolished by the explosion?




Actually, the wall wasn’t damaged in the slightest.


What you saw was the scrambling of the images captured by the digital camera. The new Israeli weapons emit nonnuclear electromagnetic pulses (EMPs). They mess with cameras.





I’m glad that the Israelis have shared their EMPFAE ordnance with us. To be frank, I would’ve been fine with Israel and the Arab League keeping these weapons for themselves.

On second thought, maybe they have…

Maybe the footage from Afghanistan showed a United Arab Emirates helicopter gunship engaging the terrorists. I counted twenty rounds hitting in 1.5 seconds.


That’s about right for the 30mm M230 chain gun on the AH-64 Apache. The Emiratis have several different gunships, however. All I can tell you is that a Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II didn’t fire those shots. The GAU-8 Avenger cannon on the A-10 Warthog can expend 70 rounds per second. Whatever killed those Taliban terrorists had a gun that fired about 13 rounds per second.

Smokescreens hide bad decisions

In reality Israel has almost certainly given us EMPFAE ordnance, at the very least to let our troops try them. Don’t be surprised if the US shows no interest. The American military has a long history of making really moronic choices when it comes to weapon procurement.

For a long time, the US Army rejected repeating rifles.

We stayed with single-shot rifles so that the men wouldn’t “waste ammunition.”

My gut tells me that the US will reject EMPFAE ordnance. We’re still fighting wars the old way.

In the US, our unconventional warfare specialists don’t have main battle tanks. Nobody wants that. Not the US Army Armor Branch, not the US Marine Corps, and not the Joint Special Operations Command.

In the United Arab Emirates, their unconventional warfare specialists have main battle tanks.



Every day, they accomplish things that are currently out of our reach.

There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.

—Ronald Wilson Reagan