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Stupid is the new smart

Stupid is the new smart

Today the IDF tweeted a photo of Israeli soldiers tying to save the life of a Palestinian who’d gone all stabby and had to be shot. In response, someone posted a link to a Website. Maybe my new medication has robbed me of my inhibitions, but I had to write about this because I’m sick of it. In the year 2015, the new smart is really, really stupid.

Here’s the Website.

The Israel Defence Forces are often called ‘the most moral army in the world.’

An army is only as moral as its soldiers. Here we record the racist, violent intentions of IDF soldiers and the ways in which the Occupation of Palestine corrupts the ethical basis of Israeli society.

They post tweets from IDF soldiers that have the hashtag #DeathToArabs, #revenge, and other unsavory phrases and words.


A simple question for Arabs: Would you rather be hacked to death with a meat cleaver, or would you rather read a tweet that says, “Death to Arabs”?

A simple question for everyone: Would you rather be murdered with a cutting instrument, or would you rather read offensive words?

I judge people by their actions. Anyone who studies the IDF knows that it is indeed the most moral army on earth. Once again I direct you to the Battle of Shijaiyah (July 20, 2023). This was where Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad built rockets, stored rockets, fired rockets, analyzed intelligence, planned attacks, hid in homes, and scuttled about underground.


The IDF warned the population four days in advance that an attack was coming. This allowed the terrorists to set up the largest ambush in the history of urban combat. Before the IDF entered Shijaiyah at midnight, July 20, 2014, they fired artillery into open fields to give the civilians notice that the assault had begun.

All armies use artillery preparation before an assault. What’s artillery preparation, you ask? Well, this.

Before they assaulted Berlin, the Soviets shelled the city with 41,600 artillery pieces. This went on for three weeks. Over one million artillery rounds were fired. Even after that pulverizing, about 80,000 Soviet soldiers were killed in the battle, and 275,000 were wounded or went missing. More than 2000 Soviet tanks were destroyed. The Nazis had invented a shaped charge called the Panzerfaust (Tank Fist). It was a one-shot, disposable weapon that could destroy any Soviet tank. Women, children, and the elderly were taught to use them.

Like Muslim terrorists, the Nazis made everyone under their control into combatants. The Soviets responded first by welding bed springs to their tanks to detonate the Panzerfaust warhead before it hit the vehicle.


Then—since the Nazis had made everyone into a combatant—the Soviets killed every German they ran across. Man, woman, or child. Russian infantrymen who entered Berlin were issued submachine guns, hand grenades, and flamethrowers—weapons that would kill the most people in the shortest time. The Nazis had laid ambushes and set up barricades on every street, so the Soviets went into the basements of buildings, and their engineers blew down the walls, creating instant tunnel networks. As many as 125,000 German civilians were killed in Berlin before the Nazis surrendered.

The IDF faced identical dangers in Shijaiyah. Instead of artillery saturation fire, the IDF used NO ARTILLERY PREPARATION. The soldiers of the Golani Brigade entered the city slowly, inside Namer armored personnel carriers (APCs).


There were no tanks, no jet fighters dropping bombs, no helicopter gunships firing cannons, and no unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) shooting missiles. At 1:00 a.m., Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad opened up on the Israelis with heavy machine guns, light cannons, mortars, rocket-propelled grenades, antitank guided missiles, improvised explosive devices, grenade launchers, hand grenades, and automatic rifles. Land mines exploded under the vehicles.

After two hours, the Israelis were ordered back into their APCs, and the Artillery Corps fired 600 high-explosive 155mm rounds in twenty minutes. These rounds were fired by the M109 Doher self-propelled howitzer.


Each Doher can fire a maximum of six rounds per minute for a short time. Therefore my guess is that a battery of six howitzers—two platoons of three guns each—was used. Compare that to the Soviets in Berlin deploying 41,600 artillery pieces and firing one million rounds in three weeks.

The 600 Israeli artillery rounds were fused to explode in the air over the APCs, killing the terrorists firing from every window. In addition to the artillery, the IDF used jet aircraft to drop 100 MK-84 2000-lb (946-kg) bombs. However, photos show that there were only about ten craters in all of Shijaiyah, indicating that the overwhelming majority of the bombs were inert BDU-56 training munitions filled with cement.


Squads of terrorists were targeted. Instead of demolishing entire buildings, the Israelis took out handfuls of men.

It was only after two hours of intense combat that the IDF sent in tanks of the 188th Armored Brigade.


The Merkava is probably the safest tank in the world. Its design and defensive measures give the crew an incredibly high chance of survival. Even so, Israeli tank commanders usually choose to stand in the open turret hatch during combat. This allows them to see potential threats more clearly, and it prevents the accidental killing of civilians. However, Israeli tank commanders are killed in action far more often than tank commanders of other nations.

One such Israeli tank commander was 26-year-old Dmitri Levitas, an immigrant from Uzbekistan.


He was killed by a Palestinian sniper using an Iranian .50-caliber rifle. Levitas knew the risks, but he chose to expose himself to danger so that he could protect his platoon and Palestinian civilians.

In Shijaiyah, about 100 Palestinian civilians were killed. According to a Palestinian medical worker, the IDF was not responsible.


Currently Palestinians are behaving like animals. There’s no other way to put it. Running down elderly rabbis and using meat cleavers on them can’t be defended on any level. When you factor in the extreme measures that the IDF takes to prevent killing Palestinian civilians, the knife-intifada becomes even more obscene.

The final grotesque irony is that the knife-intifada is in response to a hallucination, the fairy tale that the Israelis plan on demolishing the al-Aqsa Mosque. Not only would the Israelis never do this, it’s only a building. Who commits murder in defense of buildings?

I’ll tell you who: primitives. Time travelers from the Dark Ages.


The peasants in that woodcut are fighting a rabid dog, not becoming one. Therefore even medieval peasants were more civilized than many Palestinians.

Those who think that words are the same as murder? You’re medieval peasants too, crippled by tribalism, hate, superstition, and belief in magic. No wonder you’re in love with murderous savages.

You’re one of them.