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Jew-hating criminal Peter Stahl responds

A Jew-hating con artist and criminal named Peter Stahl took interest in me after I explained why I was glad to get out of the military-history milieu. It’s populated by lunatics and Jew-haters, of which Peter Stahl is both. He wrote a foreword to his book The Bunche Report, illegally signed my named to it,…


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Jew-hating lunatic publishes book under my name

A Jew-hating lunatic named Arthur D. Royster, real name Peter Stahl, has published a Kindle book under my name. It’s titled The Bunche Report. Stahl is so addled and stupid that he actually sent me the incontrovertible evidence that he’s the author of this defamatory and completely litigation-worthy opus. Don’t worry: The address and phone…


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The great irony of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

I began studying the Israeli Defense Forces when I was about nine. I couldn’t explain why. Part of the reason was that the Israelis used World War II equipment, which had interested me since I was five. I’ve always hated war, but I’ve always studied it. People often enter the psychiatric field to find out…


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A convincing argument that they don’t hate Jews

On July 13, 2014, I wrote a post titled “Everyday Berserkery,” about the sheer number of mental patients inhabiting the militaria-collecting community. It was one of the reasons I got out of it. To illustrate how demented, complicated, and feud-oriented it is, I mentioned some bizarre flap involving two guys named Prosper Keating and Arthur…


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Everyday berserkery

At some point I wanted to finish a book titled Assault Troops of World War I: the Central, Allied, and Neutral Powers. I may get to it eventually, but for now I’ve totally lost interest. The everyday berserkery of people interested in military matters has drained me of my enthusiasm. It’s a bad day. I’m…


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