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Doomsday deferred at almost the last minute

Doomsday deferred at almost the last minute

“Doomsday Deferred” is brilliant short story from 1949. Author Will F. Jenkins (real name Murray Leinster) writes of a butterfly collector who goes to Brazil to find an especially rare specimen. When a peasant hands over thousands of cocoons and says “his friends” found them, the collector becomes suspicious. It turns out that the Brazilian peasant’s friends are army ants that have human intelligence. The ants are holding the entire region hostage, demanding sacrifices.

I won’t tell you the rest.

Although I describe myself as an optimist, I meant in the long term. Future generations would benefit.

Now I’m an optimist in the short term.

Doomsday no longer possible

The greatest threat to the human species is groupthink. When people surrender their individuality, they become monsters. This is why the film The Invasion of the Body Snatchers has been remade so many times. It’s terrifying when everyone around you transforms into unreachable aliens.

Below, we see a body-snatched woman explain to her husband that there’s no escape from the group.

“Where are you going to go? Where are you going to run? Where are you going to hide? Nowhere. Because there’s no one like you left.”

Until recently, we basically had to choose between groups or isolation. Now, we have many more options. We can thank people who refuse to read from the script that they’re handed. What we’re seeing all over the world is cages being smashed. Labels are losing their meaning.

This is a very good thing.

The keepers of the new freedom are Israel and the Arab League. They will remain the guardians, forever. It’s clear that Israel and the Arab League are now five decades ahead of the rest of the world in terms of weaponry, technology, and soldiering. They will maintain this edge. By the time we catch up, the Israelis and the Arab League will have outpaced us by another fifty years.

I’m not worried about such power being in the hands of the Arab League. They’ve proven to me through their actions that I can trust them.

Doomsday balance

If worse comes to worst, the US can always fire off thermonuclear missiles or drop hydrogen bombs.

But what happens before using hydrogen bombs becomes an option?

The problem for forty years was that everyone knew that the US lacks the discipline and will to conduct long campaigns. We want our wars to be over quickly. How many times have you heard politicians, journalists, and academics quacking the term “exit strategy”? The word “victory” is never mentioned.

New Arab League military doctrine is like nothing the west has ever attempted. This is how the Arab League now fights.

a) Gather intelligence on everyone and everything.

b) Send individuals or small groups into the country to perform reconnaissance.

c) Infiltrate all enemy positions and units.

d) Create massively elaborate physical deceptions.

e) Allow your troops to be essentially autonomous.

f) Fight in absolute secrecy.

g) Ignore all criticism.

h) Never take credit for your accomplishments.

i) Use your most powerful weapons right from the beginning.

j) Kill as few combatants and civilians as possible.

All of this is designed to keep the enemy guessing. By being completely unpredictable, Arab League armed forces have become literally invincible.

You can’t defeat an enemy who you don’t see and whose actions you can’t anticipate. The world is VERY lucky that the Arab League has no imperialist ambitions.

Doomsday weapons

Below are two videos of incredibly destructive weapons that are under complete control. First we see the Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD).

The T-55 tank did not fire the munition that hit the building. I think this is the weapon.


It’s a three-dimensional object with shadows on the lower and left edges.


However, it appeared on the screen for only 0.03 seconds, indicating that it’s hypersonic. It’s also large, at least the size of a refrigerator or small car. Below is the damage it did.



It’s a fuel-air explosive (FAE). As the vapor detonates above, you can still see the target building. Then…obliteration.




The force of the explosion is directed downward and inward, raising the characteristic “splash” dust cloud.




All the brown and gray is dust and dirt, not smoke.

Now I’ll show you how precise these doomsday weapons are.


First watch the video.

The munition traveled too quickly to register on video.


A delay fuse allowed the munition to punch through the house and target the underground tunnel network.





It looks like the explosion has waned, right? Actually, this is another new weapon with a multi-stage warhead. The first explosion cracked open the roof of the tunnel system. The munition then released explosive vapor that detonated underground.



After the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) pilot changes the infrared filters on the camera, you can see that the entire tunnel system has collapsed.


Smoke pours out of what are now open trenches.

But look! The munition demolished the house and collapsed the tunnels, yet the surrounding buildings are untouched.


It was another FAE.

The United States has no such weapons. These are strictly Israeli Arab League.

Cheerleaders for evil

When the Yemen war began on March 26, 2015, western “military experts” wrote enormous amounts of arrogant twaddle. It was all about the “inexperience” of the Saudi-led Coalition.

Before every war, the western press denigrates the people fighting for freedom and inflates the capabilities of those who want to oppress. George Orwell said it best.

Pacifism is objectively pro-Fascist. This is elementary common sense. If you hamper the war effort of one side you automatically help that of the other.

I am not interested in pacifism as a ‘moral phenomenon’. If [people] imagine that one can somehow ‘overcome’ the [enemy] by lying on one’s back, let them go on imagining it, but let them also wonder occasionally whether this is not an illusion due to security, too much money, and a simple ignorance of the way in which things actually happen.

The use of military power deferred doomsday. Politicians, think tanks, academia, the UN, “human rights” groups, and social media did nothing but prolong the agony.

Munitions and extremely skilled, brave, and selfless soldiers are what freed us.

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