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Even the mentally ill must show character

Even the mentally ill must show character

I’ve just read a piece about the Chattanooga jihadist (I won’t mention his name) who murdered four US Marines and a sailor at a naval training station on July 16, 2015. Four New York Times reporters wrote “In Chattanooga, a Young Man in a Downward Spiral.” It’s a very sympathetic piece that doesn’t even mention the names of the five men he murdered. The excuses being made for the jihadist’s crimes are that he suffered from depression and alienation. I find that hilarious. The jihadist completed his downward spiral in that he’s now roasting in hell where he belongs, but if he were still alive, and I had him tied to a chair in front of me, I’d tell him that his mental illness required him to be a better person, not a monster.

From the New York Times article.

As the F.B.I. sent more investigators into this city Monday to explore dozens of possible leads, a picture took shape of a deeply troubled young man who struggled with mental illness and drug abuse at the same time he found himself alienated from United States policies in the Arab world, according to the authorities, friends and the family representative…

[The killer] had suffered for years from depression and possibly from bipolar disorder, the family representative said, adding that he had abused alcohol and possibly prescription painkillers and had gained and lost jobs. In his last months, he faced the prospect of both bankruptcy and jail time on a drunken-driving charge.

“I think he knew he was going downhill, and he intended to go downhill, but I don’t think he knew where he’d end up at the bottom,” the representative, who insisted on anonymity to protect the family, said of [the killer]’s final days alive…

The family representative said the notes, all more than a year old, expressed [the killer]’s discontent with United States military action in the Middle East, and “talks about his life being worthless.” They are less a diary, the representative said, than a scattershot set of observations, some of them “gibberish,” while others “were clearly things that were written by someone who was very depressed.”

That’s really funny. Muslims who bitch about American policies in the Middle East are morons. Never a peep about the Syrian Civil War, which has already killed at least three times the number of people who died in Iraq over eight years. And the vast majority of those killed in Iraq died at the hands of (wait for it) MUSLIMS!

How about this? It happened July 20, two days ago. A female Islamic State suicide bomber killed thirty-two and wounded over a hundred in Suruç, Turkey.

The MUSLIM students were about to go to Kobane, Syria, to help rebuild.

Here’s the bomber.


There’s a photo out there of a smirking sow wearing her pious clothing. It was wrong for her to expose any part of her body except for her face, but she’s to be praised for committing mass murder. Is it permitted for me to criticize that level of depravity?

I’ve studied the footage of the aftermath. The bomber used a vest filled with plastic explosive and ball bearings. Victims were killed by blast effect and shrapnel. Several of the dead had their clothing blown off.

Why isn’t this front-page news everywhere? I’ll tell you why: Because non-Muslims are obsessed with protecting Islam from itself, and Muslims are—as a group—the most self-pitying, whining, self-deluding people on earth.

And now we’re supposed to feel sorry for the Chattanooga mass murderer because he had depression and was upset at US policies in the Middle East.

No. He just used his depression and American policies in the Middle East as the rationale for his murderous actions. His goal was to kill others and die a martyr so that he’d go to heaven and be sexually serviced and waited on hand and foot by seventy-two transparent houris who don’t menstruate, break wind, urinate, or defecate.


I suffer from depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder with secondary psychotic features (PTSD-SP). If I told you the details of what was done to me when I was a child, you’d never speak to me again. The only person on the planet with whom I can discuss these things is my brother Tim.

But so what?


The cruelest, most sadistic, evil person I ever knew has depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. Did she ever stop complaining about how unfair it was for her to have these conditions? NO! In fact she used her mental illness to her advantage, rationalizing her terrible behavior by saying it wasn’t her fault.

All mental illness can be managed with medication. However, in western society there’s a bias against medication. Fine. If you reject medication then you must learn to accept mass shootings by people with depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. Those are the mental illnesses most associated with violence.

Substance abuse is another contributing factor. Drugs and alcohol.

My entire life has been a kind of rolling, slow-motion catastrophe that continues to this very second. When you’re abused as a child, you become habituated to mistreatment. Even worse, you seek it out. Conversely, abusers can easily find the abused. Recently I was massively, operatically screwed AGAIN. This was the worst ever in terms of my financial loss and the sheer ruthlessness of the con artist.

But again, so what? This is my problem. If I went out and shot up my apelike neighbors in revenge for what someone else did to me, that would make me an evil person. If I shot up my apelike neighbors in revenge for their skyrockets and loud music, that would make me an evil person. What the mentally ill refuse to accept is this: THERE IS NO RECOURSE.

You got rooked. Gypped. Ripped off. F*cked.

I sympathize. But that doesn’t give you the right to make others suffer. The mentally ill must be better people than those who don’t have our afflictions. We must do everything in our power to be good, because it would be so easy for us to be evil. And for those of you who aren’t mentally ill, you must keep in mind that virtually everybody knows right from wrong.

When the mentally ill shoot up a preschool, a movie theater, a college, or a naval training center, it’s because they don’t care that they’re committing evil.

Don’t let them get away with it. Send them to the electric chair. Or do what the Chattanooga cops did and riddle them with bullets.

In memory of USMC Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Sullivan, USMC Sergeant Carson Holmquist, US Navy Petty Officer Second Class Randall Smith, USMC Staff Sergeant David Wyatt, and USMC Lance Corporal Squire Wells.