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Put on your big-boy pants

Put on your big-boy pants

A while back I wrote a post about virulent Jew-haters on Twitter. I titled it “The Church of the Poisoned Mind,” after the song by Culture Club. Well, now one of the people in the post is demanding that I take it down because it’s bad for his business. Social media has made people think that they can say whatever they want without there being repercussions. They’re not used to their targets fighting back. I understood when I began publicly defending Israel that I’d be attacked. However, I put on my big-boy pants before I started.

The complainer is named Matthew L. Kees. He runs an online photography school called MLK Studios. Matthew’s Twitter address is @MLKstudios. Using the name of his business, he writes things like this.


I’ve studied World War II for over forty years, and I had no idea what he was blathering about. So I did a Google search and found the answer.

It’s one newspaper headline from March 24, 1933. The Daily Express was owned by Max Aitken, Lord Beaverbrook, who had supported the appeasement policies of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain.

If you read the article, the first sentence undermines Matthew L. Kees’s accusation that the Jews antagonized the Nazis into persecuting them.


“All Israel is uniting in wrath against the Nazi onslaught on the Jews in Germany.”

An onslaught is an attack. Therefore this boycott was in response to the German assault on Jews. However, Jews being Jews, the American advocates of a boycott found themselves in opposition to those who felt that such action would only make the Germans retaliate against German Jews. The mass meetings were so contentious that they had to be controlled by police. There was no unified front of Jews.

This is what Jew-haters like Matthew L. Kees refuse to acknowledge: The people most critical of any action taken by Jews are Jews themselves. There is no global Jewish conspiracy BECAUSE JEWS CAN’T AGREE ON ANYTHING. If a Jew said that he liked orange sherbet, somewhere in the world another Jew would take violent personal offense at that statement.

In reality this wasn’t a Jewish boycott of Nazi Germany.

Throughout America, voices of protest rose during the month of March, the most vocal often coming from prominent figures in the Christian communities. The Reverend Dr. S. Parkes, a leader of the Protestant church, released a statement that called on Christians to unite against anti-Semitism. In Louisville, Kentucky, more than 150 residents met at the urging of the Louisville Council of Churches and adopted a resolution “appealing for the cessation of alleged persecution of Jews in Germany and asking President Roosevelt and the Department of State to convey the message to the German government.” Across New York City clergymen condemned Nazi oppression of Jews from the pulpits of churches during the services that preceded the Madison Square Garden rally. The rector of the French Church du Saint-Esprit on East 78th Street called Hitler’s policy a “recrudescence of medieval barbarism.” The congregation of the Community Church on West 43rd Street adopted a resolution calling upon President Roosevelt to “investigate the persecutions.”

Guess where Matthew L. Kees got his idea that the Jews had declared war on Germany? From the Barnes Review, a leader among Holocaust deniers.

I’m aware of the Barnes Review because one of its contributors is Peter Stahl, an ancient Nazi, a stalker, and an issuer of death threats.

Barnes Review

Stahl published The Bunche Report under my name, very stupidly confessing to it.


He has so many aliases that he got confused, using “Arthur Royster” for that message but then switching to Michael Suslov.


Then he went ahead and published it.


After I got it taken down in about three hours, I did what nobody has ever done before: I located and published photos of Peter Stahl.


He began sending messages about people on their way to see me.


I responded that anyone who shows up on my property is going to get shot. With this.


I’ll shoot them in the mouth with hollow-point bullets. Their heads will look like this when I’m done with them. This is just clay, not anybody’s head.


Judging by what they write to me, Jew-haters have heads filled with clay. Or sulfur hexafluoride.

For a while the Islamic State was hacking my Website and sending me death threats too.


See, I’ve had an extremely traumatic life. I’ve described some of it to a few of you. Of the people I told, only two still communicate with me. I don’t blame the others, since I represent horror that they can’t process. One thing that the experiences of my life have taught me is that evil exists, and it deserves a hollow-point bullet in the mouth. At least, that’s how I see it. I’m quite capable of ending the lives of those who assault me.

Poor Matthew L. Kees is whining about how my search-engine optimization (SEO) skills are bad for his business. Yesterday he and a British hag were yukking it up over my mental-health issues. Jew-haters always go right for that. I therefore posted this to Matthew, along with the note, “Speaking of laughs, look what people get when they search your name. Owned by an old man with PTSD.”


Matthew and the British hag were laughing because the writer Michael Shaw of BagNews—a practicing clinical psychologistlied about my mental health.


Shaw wrote that he read my description of my illnesses: post-traumatic stress disorder with secondary psychotic features (PTSD-SP), depression, and anxiety. PTSD-SP is a spectrum disorder. In other words, it manifests itself in a multitude of ways. As I’ve written, I dissociate under stress, entering a dreamlike state. I lose track of time. Shaw knows full well that I don’t hallucinate, nor am I delusional.

The legal definition of libel is publishing a written statement about someone that you know to be false and defamatory.

Michael Shaw and BagNews are guilty of libel. Shaw lied both about my illnesses and what I’d written. I never said that photographers staged or doctored photos. If I took Michael Shaw and BagNews to court, I’d win. Shaw admits that he knows what my actual mental illnesses are, yet he wrote that I’m delusional. The reason I didn’t take him to court is that the damages awarded would be less than the cost of litigation.

Also, I now get to publicly call Michael Shaw a liar, and there’s nothing he can do about it. I get to point out that he has no ethics, being a psychologist who knowingly defamed someone suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and he did it in the name of politics.

Michael Shaw and BagNews are Hamas groupies. They love having Hamas sit on their faces. At least once a week, someone sends me a message about how BagNews proved that I’m crazy. Ironically, Michael Shaw gave me the proof that I was right: The bloody, “crying” Palestinian man was faking. There was no dead father.


So, Matthew L. Kees: I say you’re a Jew-hating, Holocaust-denying, white supremacist and Nazi. I base my accusations on your own tweets.


You keep tweeting that I’m insane, and I’ll use my SEO skills to make sure that everyone knows you’re a Nazi. If you want, we can hire lawyers to battle it out. Should be fun. I’ve saved plenty of your Jew-hating tweets, so don’t bother trying to delete all 311,000 of them.