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Perfect Arab League commando operation: video

Perfect Arab League commando operation: video

Why do I say that Arab League strategic special operators are the best soldiers in human history? Evidence. Over a year ago, I began studying reports from Yemen and Syria. They told me that somebody with perfect military skills was achieving incredible victories. The videos show tactics that no western power uses. It’s not possible that Israel has ground forces in Arab nations. Therefore these soldiers must be from the Arab League and their allies.

Perfect approach

The west is not capable of creating lasting peace in the Middle East. There are two reasons.

a) We inadvertently give the impression that we’re forcing our will on the locals.

b) We place too many inane restrictions on how our troops fight.

It’s clear that Saudi Arabia is leading the wars against the various terrorist and imperialistic forces in the Middle East. However, the Saudis generally fight in secret. Their combat troops don’t appear on camera.

The US program to train the Iraqi security forces is called Build Partner Capacity. While we magnanimously call the Iraqis “partners,” the title of the effort automatically puts one side in a subordinate position.

Photos show that the Saudis have trained and equipped Iraqi Shia militia.


The men of the Peace Brigades above are virtually indistinguishable from the Saudi-trained and equipped Yemeni fighters below.


Neither Iraq nor Saudi Arabia finds it necessary to talk about this. The clandestine nature of the relationship allows for both sides to avoid massive potential pitfalls.

Perfect operation

I’ve found a video of one of the most audacious commando operations I’ve ever seen. Western armed forces would not permit their special operators to risk their lives in such a way. This is because in the west, armed forces must always have a scapegoat in case a mission fails or the enemy kills too many troops. Westerners must always have someone they can blame.

“It’s that guy’s fault!”

However, it’s obvious that Arab League and allied strategic special forces enjoy a much greater freedom than their western counterparts. The results speak for themselves.


Syria is where terrorists go to die.


If you’re morbidly obese, you shouldn’t be on the battlefield. The older men fighting Hezbollah tend to be remarkably fit.


Shaved head and zero-percent body fat. He’s not a poseur.

Before I show you this perfect commando operation, here’s some news.

Perfect losers

The Iranian mullahs are in deep trouble.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei surprised many observers when he appointed Maj. Gen. Mohammad Bagheri as chief of staff of the Iranian armed forces June 28, replacing Maj. Gen. Hassan Firouzabadi, who had held the position for 27 years. One week later, Khamenei continued to replace the leadership of the armed forces, suggesting that Iran was looking for a shift in approach at one of the country’s most important military institutions.

Khamenei is replacing career military officers with members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). Why? Because he’s panicking.

The IRGC can’t fight. During the Iran-Iraq War, the IRGC suffered massive gas casualties. The men had such heavy beards that their masks couldn’t create a seal on their faces. In 2008 the IRGC was transformed into an apparatus for domestic oppression. As a result they’re unable to engage in combat against trained soldiers.

Ayatollah Khamenei is acknowledging that Iran’s imperialistic ventures have failed. Now the mullahs are just trying to hold on to power.

Let me show you why the Iranians lost in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq.


This is said to be the Sham Legion firing an antitank guided missile at a Syrian regime truck armed with a ZU-23-2 “Sergei” 23mm twin-cannon antiaircraft system.


In reality the operation was an Arab League commando assault against some kind of headquarters.

First watch the video.

One of the people I follow on Twitter led me to this video. Though he’s masquerading as an American, he’s actually Turkish. He thinks he’s very clever. I wonder how he’d feel if he knew that his own government has outwitted him and everyone else who insists on clinging to ancient tribal hatreds?

So: Let’s dissect this video.

First, the sound is completely dubbed. You can’t hear any gunfire from the Zu-23-2.

And this was the actual target.


It’s an aluminum military structure called a “rapid deployment shelter.” Iranian or Russian or Hezbollah commanders are inside.

The Zu-23-2 backs up in front of the rapid deployment shelter.


Before the Zu-23-2 begins shooting, the Arab League strategic special operators fire a guided missile.


Now the ZU-23-2 fires through a loophole in the wall of the compound.




This is the trajectory of the cannon rounds.


Remember that.

The guided missile passes the Zu-23-2 without hitting it.


And it reveals itself to be yet more new technology.

Perfect weapon

This missile has a chemical warhead that explodes without producing flame. It’s a “cold explosion.”

The shock wave begins.


I made a gif that shows it clearly.


Then a blinding white explosion flattens the aluminum rapid deployment shelter.


In a fraction of a second, the vapor transforms into black smoke.


Despite the force of the detonation, the Zu-23-2 is undamaged. It drives away.


When the smoke clears, the two aluminum rapid deployment shelters are gone. Compare before and after.


Did you see the four commandos?


There was one direction from which the enemy didn’t expect them to come.


The commandos concealed themselves right in the line of fire. As soon as the missile exploded, they burst from cover. One man climbed the wall, and the others emerged from the earth.

The fastest runners I’ve seen are Arab commandos. You can bet that they killed every person in the compound.

See the damage that a two-man missile squad and a four-man fire team can do?

This is why all the bad actors in the Middle East are losing. Arab League commandos are the bravest, most skilled warriors of all time. This one operation required astonishing precision. The new missile eliminates the concept of “danger close.” Since no lethal steel fragments go flying around, the commandos can position themselves right next to the target and then attack. The assault began while the missile was in flight; the commandos entered the compound five seconds after the explosion.

It’s time for all terrorists to just give up. Nobody on earth can defeat Arab League strategic special operators.

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