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Disgracing its name: Human Rights Watch

Disgracing its name: Human Rights Watch

The move Black Rain isn’t very good, but it has one magnificent scene. It’s about disgracing yourself and others.

Michael Douglas is Nick Conklin, a New York police detective. He and his partner Charlie Vincent (Andy Garcia) extradited a Japanese yakuza back to Tokyo, where he escaped. After Vincent is killed, Conklin has dinner with Japanese detective Masahiro (Ken Takakura). They talk about corruption.

Masahiro: Did you take money?

Conklin: Yeah, I took money. I’m not proud of it, okay? You know, I’m— I had a divorce, I got kids, bills…

Masahiro: Did Charlie-san know?

Conklin: No.

Masahiro: He was a policeman, Nick. If you steal, you disgrace him. And yourself. And me.

For years now, Human Rights Watch has been disgracing itself and every other “human rights” organization. Yet all these groups have utterly failed in their attempts at disgracing Israel and now the Saudi-led Coalition fighting in Yemen.

Disgracing is nothing new

Not one Human Rights Watch complaint made about the 2014 Gaza war is accurate. I debunked all of them, even before I knew about the existence of the new Israeli weapons called EMPFAE ordnance. Human Rights Watch employs no experts in munitions. I thought that the lack of fragmentation damage in Gaza was the result of extreme care by the IDF. That’s part of the answer, but in addition, the new weapons don’t produce lethal fragments. They destroy through controlled, directed shock waves.

We have the evidence. A Yemeni terrorist is hit by a miniature missile in the middle of a crowd, and the people around him are untouched.



Human Rights Watch (HRW) is stuck in the past. Neither Israel nor the Saudi-led Coalition in Yemen fight the way HRW claims.

Disgracing themselves for Iran

Here’s a colossal pile of manure excreted by HRW.

Yemen: US Bombs Used in Deadliest Market Strike

Coalition Allies Should Stop Selling Weapons to Saudi Arabia

(Sanaa) – Saudi Arabia-led coalition airstrikes using United States-supplied bombs killed at least 97 civilians, including 25 children, in northwestern Yemen on March 15, 2016, Human Rights Watch said today. The two strikes, on a crowded market in the village of Mastaba that may have also killed about 10 Houthi fighters, caused indiscriminate or foreseeably disproportionate loss of civilian life, in violation of the laws of war. Such unlawful attacks when carried out deliberately or recklessly are war crimes.

Human Rights Watch conducted on-site investigations on March 28, and found remnants at the market of a GBU-31 satellite-guided bomb, which consists of a US-supplied MK-84 2,000-pound bomb mated with a JDAM satellite guidance kit, also US-supplied. A team of journalists from ITV, a British news channel, visited the site on March 26, and found remnants of an MK-84 bomb paired with a Paveway laser guidance kit. Human Rights Watch reviewed the journalists’ photographs and footage of these fragments.

It’s a complete fabrication, as the HRW video proves.

The opening shot shows a cartridge belt.


The dead man was a combatant. HRW doesn’t tell you that the Yemenis already admitted that the air strike targeted militiamen, not civilians.

A Yemeni tribal chief said Wednesday that 33 of the 41 people killed in a Saudi-led air strike on a market in a northern province were rebel fighters, not civilians as first reported.

Medics and tribal sources said that the Tuesday strike in the rebel-held Hajja province killed 41 people and wounded 35. A health official in Hajja said the dead were civilians. But on Wednesday a tribal chief close to Yemen’s Iran-backed Huthi rebels said that 33 of those were “fighters”.

“The fighters were riding in three vehicles at a military camp that was hit by three air raids,” the chief told AFP on condition of anonymity. He added that Saudi-led warplanes then hit the market when the Huthis arrived there.

Even that’s a lie. The Houthis were wiped out on the way to the market. Nobody bombed the market. If anything, the Houthis shelled it with artillery. People still don’t grasp the astonishing skills of the Saudi-led Coalition. HRW says that the Coalition dropped two precision-guided munitions in opens spaces, not even hitting buildings.


Absurd. The Coalition can put an aerial munition wherever it wants. Watch the new Flying Black Box of Death land right on this SUV.



The vehicle was full of rockets, but there are no secondary explosions. As intended, the Flying Black Box of Death causes literally ZERO collateral damage.


These new munitions are fuel-air explosives (FAE), also called thermobaric weapons. They incinerate bombs and rockets. An explosion is simply the very fast release of energy. By slowing down the release of energy just a little, you can turn detonation into deflagration.

Back to HRW’s wretched propaganda.

Disgracing physics

First, as is always the case in Yemen, the victims are military aged males.



They constitute about 95 percent of the injured and dead seen in video and photos.

The “civilian death toll” is 2800, unchanged since December of 2015 even though there have been multiple large-scale ground assaults in the past three months. If the figure of 2800 civilians killed over a year were true—and there’s no evidence that this number is accurate—keep in mind that the Allies killed 3000 French civilians on one day: June 6, 1944. The Coalition is clearly not committing war crimes in Yemen.

Finally HRW shows us a crater.


That was not made by an American MK-84 2000-lb (907-kg) bomb. Below is an MK-84 crater.


When we make the two images the same scale, you can see that the Yemen crater is maybe one-tenth the size of what it should be.


HRW then flat-out lies.

On March 16, the day after the attack, the Saudi military spokesman for the coalition, Gen. Ahmad al-Assiri, said that the strike targeted “a militia gathering.” He also noted that the area was a place for buying and selling qat, a plant widely chewed in Yemen as a mild stimulant, indicating that the coalition knew the strike hit a civilian commercial area.

This is what AFP wrote.

“The fighters were riding in three vehicles at a military camp that was hit by three air raids,” the chief told AFP on condition of anonymity.

He added that Saudi-led aircraft then hit the market when the Huthis arrived there.

In Riyadh, Brigadier General Ahmed al-Assiri, spokesperson for the Saudi-led coalition, said it was “a militia gathering.”

In an interview with AFP, he gave no other details of the incident but said the area is a place for buying and selling qat, a mild narcotic that is chewed throughout Yemen.

Gibberish. Houthis in three vehicles were bombed three times but arrived alive at the market, where they were bombed again and this time killed? Who’s editing for the AFP?


We know only two things:

a. Assiri did not say that the Coalition strike hit a civilian commercial area.
b. Ninety-seven civilians were not killed.

This is another shameless fraud created to stop war against Muslim terrorists. HRW is now employing westerners who are so insane that they wear abayas but don’t cover their hair or faces.


Belkis Wille should go out in a hijab and nothing else.