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Everything they’re telling you about Iraq is a lie

Everything they’re telling you about Iraq is a lie

Last night I posted evidence that Iraqi security forces in Fallujah have military advisers from the Eritrean 525th Commando Division. I knew that the Arab League would not allow the massacre of Sunni civilians. So, what about the al-Hashd al-Shaabi, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU)? The global media claims that PMU is committing wide-scale war crimes. Well, like everything else coming out of Iraq, this is a lie.

Everything is propaganda

The PMU is an umbrella organization of Shia militia and Sunni tribal fighters. In January of 2016, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi approved the integration of 40,000 Sunnis into the PMU. It’s clear to me that many of these fighters are Arab League professional strategic special operators.

More importantly, the Shia know that Sunni professional warriors are in their ranks.

I’ve debunked several “atrocity” videos. This was said to be PMU members murdering Sunni civilians in Fallujah.

In reality it’s Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service (CTS) explosive-ordnance disposal (EOD) technicians firing into a tunnel to make sure that no Islamic State terrorists are hiding below.

This is the tunnel opening.


Because almost all news sources have an agenda of making everything seem worse than it is, you must ignore most of what you hear.

The function of the PMU

In Iraq, the PMU serves as support for troops with more training. Therefore the PMU does NOT carry out high-risk assaults.

Below is a long and very illuminating video that disproves all the lies told about the PMU. First watch it, and then I’ll explain some things.

Reporters tell us that Iranians are commanding the PMU. However, I can prove to you that this is a lie. The PMU commands itself, with help from the Arab League.

You must accept that the Arab League has no agenda of dominating Shia Muslims. The threat is the Iranian mullahs. When they’re gone, Persians will be welcomed into the new Middle East. The region desperately needs Persian skills and contributions.

Everything that doesn’t belong

We begin with an image of older, heavy, cigarette-smoking PMU commanders intently discussing something with an unarmed, extremely fit young man.


While the older men are leaders, the younger man has his own authority. The relaxed body language tells us that this is a conference. Nobody’s giving orders.

The PMU is not trained to engage in urban warfare. Using the PMU as assault troops would be tantamount to murder. These men haven’t had the opportunity to learn the deadly art of military operations on urban terrain (MOUT).

Yet look at this.

Screen Shot 2023-06-22 at 9.47.31 PM

That’s an American M113 armored personnel carrier (APC) fitted with slat armor and a gun turret. It’s a brand-new assault vehicle, designed specifically for heavy urban combat. Only highly trained soldiers would know how to use it effectively.

Next is a hybrid APC-“technical,” a heavily armored vehicle that has two ZU-23-2 23mm automatic cannons. Modifications include a wire cutter (red arrow).


Ballistic windows.


Slat armor.


Finally the armored turret for the two automatic cannons.


Another assault vehicle.


It’s a brand-new Humvee with a wire cutter (red arrow) and very heavy armor.

Everything is upside down

The conversions are so expensive that only highly trained soldiers use these assault vehicles. Militia simply don’t know how to make the best of the huge amounts of money spent. The presence of these specialized juggernauts means that the PMU contains professional unconventional warriors. They aren’t Iranian. Despite what you’ve heard, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps can’t fight. It’s too centralized.

Arab League and allied strategic special operators can work in any size group, from one man to 10,000. Individual initiative is the hallmark of the successful unconventional warrior. The Arab League trusts its armed forces; that’s why the training level is so high. Nobody worries about military coups.

More assault vehicles.



They have armor only on the front. That’s because the operators will use them only in lightning-fast frontal assaults that will kill everyone firing at them. Those are vehicles for soldiers who can destroy everything in a matter of seconds.

Another M113 APC converted into an assault vehicle.


Now, the true story.

The guardians

See how the PMU men want pictures of this heavily converted BTR-50 APC?



It’s because they’ve never seen anything like it, and they didn’t know that their unit would receive such a destructive vehicle.

I have no doubt that these are Sunni Muslim professional special operators.


Once again, the Arab League has hidden its weapons and troops in plain sight by attaching them to the PMU.

If they’re religious, those Sunnis must have qualms about fighting not only with Shia but as Shia. Yet they’re doing it. They see the big picture, and they’re disciplined, honorable men who take nothing personally.

Sure, it would be difficult. One operator keeps his face under tight control.


The man carrying the Iraqi flag is from the same country as the soldier above.


My guess is that they’re members of the Malaysian Special Service Group (GGK).

And the Shia know who they are. A PMU fighter goes to load his RPG-7 and personal equipment into the BTR-50.


Watch as the foreign soldier with the Iraqi flag tells the PMU fighter something. Probably, “Make sure we’re all going to the same place, so you don’t lose your things.” The Iraqi then checks with the special operator in the gun turret. After the Iraqi gets the answer he wants, he claps his hands and thanks the special operator.

A little awkward. A little strained. There appears to be a language barrier too.

But everyone is cooperating. They don’t hate each other. Iraq is being helped, and civilians are being protected.

I’ve had a very difficult life. Because of that, I can’t bear to see suffering. My experiences also make me seek out the positive. Middle Easterners are role models for how to overcome what seemed to be insurmountable obstacles.

When people choose to improve, they can accomplish anything.

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