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Machinations are not the same as conspiracies

Machinations are not the same as conspiracies

Well-meaning people direct the close minded to my blog. The usual response is, “It’s just a bunch of conspiracy theories.” No. I write about machinations, not conspiracies. Here’s the difference.

Conspiracy: a secret plan that two or more people hatch in order to do something harmful or illegal.

Machination: a complicated secret plan.

Guess who predicted the mother of all machinations months ago?

Sister Thomas Wictor

I’ll show you in a moment that I was absolutely correct. First, an explanation and a brief rundown of current events.

Angry machinations

The reason that my Website is having trouble is that in the past 24 hours, there have been 3,700,000 (three million, seven hundred thousand) attempts to hack into the administration panel in order to destroy the database of my blog. This is a waste of time. My database is stored in multiple servers all over the world.

But even if my blog were forcibly shut down, it wouldn’t change the inevitable outcome of all the wars being fought. If I fall over dead tonight, all the right people will still win. And I gave them permanent access to my server logs. They know who’s trying to hack me.

On to current events.

Police machinations

Last night a black supremacist of the domestic terrorist group Black Lives Matter went on a shooting spree in Dallas, killing five police officers and wounding seven. The Dallas police cornered him on the second floor of a parking garage. Then they killed him with a remotely detonated explosive that a bomb-disposal robot delivered.


Those robots are very noisy, so it’s not likely that the police were able to sneak up on the shooter. My guess is that they disguised the bomb as a telephone or food.

I approve. The Dallas Police Department denied this animal his chance to “go out in a blaze of glory.” Instead, he became a pile of garbage. May his name be blotted out.

On to the Middle East.

Machinations to keep the peace

This video is harmless.

What you see above is a large-scale paintball game. Each howitzer is firing rounds in a completely different direction.


After every salvo, there’s an edit. That’s because these fighters take forever to reload the guns. I’m not surprised: Only one man has the slightest idea what he’s doing.

The cannoneers are using the American M107 155mm high-explosive (HE) round. These projectiles have what’s called a “rotating band” made of copper around the widest point of the munition. When the cannon fires, the rifling of the steel barrel gouges into the rotating band, causing the round to spin like a drill bit. This makes it more accurate.

Because rotating bands are soft, they need grommets.


To make the artillery round explode, the cannoneer assembles and sets the fuse.


Watch what happens.

While the pot-bellied man in the black shirt performed for the camera, the nitwit behind him took the fuse-setter wrench and put all the shipping grommets back onto the fused projectiles.

Not machinations

Wait… Did he…?


“Achmed, what the hell did you do?”


“Well, I… See… I put the, uh… Okay, I don’t know what I did.”


“I’ll take that. Thank you.”


Not my fault. He didn’t tell me what I should do. Fat bastard.


Oh, the morons I have to tolerate…


If they’d tried to shoot a round with the grommet in place, the gun would’ve exploded and killed everybody.

This was all pantomime. Here’s how fast a trained crew can fire the M198 howitzer.

The Hezbollah Brigades men are poseurs. They’re making propaganda for idiots who share it on social media.

Below is the real story.

Machinations partially revealed

Sometimes spokespeople say things that they hadn’t intended.


Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve includes every militarily capable Muslim nation in the Middle East. Which “other elements” took part in this attack?

And speaking of militarily capable Muslim nations, the Iraqis recently said that “500 Sunni fighters” had infiltrated Mosul in preparation for the coming offensive. I’m positive that those are professional commandos. A recent video shows that I’m correct.

Note the wording in the video below: a “strike,” not an air strike.

There’s no evidence of an aerial munition. As the building disintegrates, a motorcyclist pulls up, gets off his bike, and walks toward the dust cloud.


It’s clear from the video and its description that this wasn’t an air strike. If commandos gained access to an Islamic State support facility and destroyed it, they obviously killed all the terrorists inside first.

Because that’s what commandos do.

The mother of all machinations

I predicted this five months ago. Kudos to Turkey. The Turks have my full support. This is an act of incredible courage and forward thinking.


Turkey has gone further than simply working out deals. Below is a Turkish Aerospace Industries Anka unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) over Manbij.


The Turks are using extremely accurate, long-range artillery in support of the Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD) offensive in Manbij. Nobody knew that Turkey had this capability. I’m positive that Israel gave Turkey the Top Gun fuse, which converts 155mm artillery rounds into precision-guided munitions.


Furthermore, I think Turkish strategic special operators are fighting in both Syria and Iraq. The new Israeli Arab League weapons, tactics, and strategies are simply too good to pass up. I see faces that don’t belong in the ethnic groups allegedly depicted.


Everyone who contributes men and resources is given access to things like the Flying Black Boxes of Death.

Finally we have have an unambiguous video that shows us how they’re used.

They must be autonomous. Weak, silly American pundits and academics have already transformed the Dallas mass shooting into a debate about the “ethics” of using robots to kill terrorists. The Israelis, Arab League, and their allies don’t waste their time on such stupidity.

When the SVBIED is spotted, the Flying Black Box of Death takes off toward it.



Behold the stunning speed and accuracy of this strange new weapon.

It flew down on the suicide vehicle borne improvised explosive device (SVBIED), swerved in the air, and struck the vehicle from behind, deftly avoiding the armor plate.

There’s literally no information on these devices. The Israelis and the Arab League conceived, developed, and mass produced them in complete secrecy. I’m the only person on the face of the earth who’s noticed them.

Machinations to fight imperialism

I’m sure that in October of 2015, the Iraqis began accepting help from the Arab League. Today I found a video that proves—once again—that I was right. It shows Iraqi Special Operations Forces (ISOF) in a training exercise. Their advisers have a Polaris MRZR-4 light tactical all-terrain vehicles (ATV), which means that the westerners are US Army Green Berets. Among them are several Arabs (red arrows).


And not just any Arabs.


He’s almost certainly a brigadier general. Imagine the missions he’s undertaken in his long career.

Iran had enslaved Iraq. Now, fellow Arabs are helping Iraq emerge from decades of torment.

Every single group in the Middle East is putting aside its differences. All they needed was regional superpowers that had no imperialist ambitions.

Peace in less than five years. Guaranteed.

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