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Our current status: Rotten farce

Our current status: Rotten farce

[I]t really seems as though old Hegel, in the guise of the World Spirit, were directing history from the grave and, with the greatest conscientiousness, causing everything to be re-enacted twice over, once as grand tragedy and the second time as rotten farce[.]

—Friedrich Engels, 1851

Engels was the co-inventor of Marxism. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was a German philosopher most famous for his “Lordship and Bondage” dialectic. In the Hegelian sense, “dialectic” means realization of a concept through incorporating its opposite.

Here’s Hegel.


The life of the party! His “Lordship and Bondage” dialectic is almost impossible to understand. I’ll try to explain it.

For you to be actually self-conscious, another consciousness must be aware of you. If you don’t have contact with another consciousness, you can’t know if the world is real or in your head, something you can make do whatever you want. That other consciousness must also be self-conscious for the same reason that you have to be self-conscious. These two self-consciousnesses automatically begin a struggle over control of the other. One self-consciousness gives in to the other; one becomes the lord, and the other the bondsman.

You’d think that being a dominant lord would fuel your ego, but the reality is that depending on a lowly peon to affirm your reality fills you with self-doubt. The servant was once just like you, but now he’s obeying your orders and begining to perceive the world through the eyes of another. This convinces him that he exists in reality and is not just a figment of his own imagination, since he’s being forced to do things that he doesn’t want to do.

Understanding that he’s real empowers the bondsman, and another struggle takes place. The former bondsman becomes the lord, and the former self-doubting lord becomes the bondsman. Through the same process as before, the new bondsman eventually achieves the self-awareness that the new lord has, by being forced to do things that he doesn’t want to do. Ultimately both consciousnesses become truly and permanently self-conscious. They now recognize that they exist, since all their doubts have been erased.

“Lordship and Bondage” is about coming to know yourself by knowing others.

Today in the United States, too many people know nothing, least of all themselves or history. First I saw this.

Dylann Roof, the alleged gunman authorities say is responsible for killing nine people in a predominantly black Charleston, South Carolina, church Wednesday night, had been “planning something like that for six months,” according to his roommate.

Dalton Tyler, who said he has known Roof for seven months to one year, said he saw the white, 21-year-old suspect just last week.

“He was big into segregation and other stuff,” Tyler said. “He said he wanted to start a civil war. He said he was going to do something like that and then kill himself.”

A white-supremacist mass murderer with a hideously ugly haircut and a face made for the electric chair wanted to start a civil war. Then I saw this.

Who’da thunk it? These two are on the same side.


Americans are terrified of getting old, but one of the benefits of advancing age is that you can continue growing by knowing yourself and the world. If you’ve studied history, a bell rings when you hear the notion of committing a crime that will bring about a race war. I looked all day and couldn’t find a single reference to it, since we’re in the rotten-farce stage. In a minute, I’ll tell you about the original murderers who wanted a race war.

Oh, and that civil war over race? We already had it. April 12, 1861, to May 9, 1865. It was the most destructive war in American history. In 1861 the US population was 31 million. A total of 850,000 people were killed during the Civil War. If we scale the casualties up to match the current US population, that would be about 9 million.

My father’s side of the family arrived in Port Washington, Wisconsin, in 1847. Theodore Wictor was a shoemaker who spent the next twenty years battling cholera outbreaks. Wisconsin led the abolitionist movement; by 1855 there were no slaves in the territory, and the Underground Railroad was helping runaways get to Canada. As for my mother’s ancestors, here are my great-great-grandfather Levi Lower (left) and his two brothers Eli and Abram.


They were from Kansas, a state that had abolished slavery prior to joining the union on January 29, 1861. Levi, Eli, and Abram were all combat veterans of the Civil War. They joined the 1st Kansas Volunteer Infantry Regiment and fought for three years straight. All were wounded multiple times. After the war they became bankers.

Their background is a complete blank. I’m convinced that they were Jews who passed as Catholics. It’s in character for Jews to fight to end oppression.

In contrast, “civil rights” leaders fight for continued oppression of American blacks. They want black Americans dead. It’s so blatantly obvious. Traditionally “civil rights” leaders complain about over-policing. What happens then is what’s happening now: The cops get all pouty and stop doing their jobs, which makes the crime rate skyrocket. Now the “civil rights” leaders can bitch about how nobody cares about black lives. Regardless of what happens, it’s a win-win. Activists do their damnedest to make sure that the problem gets worse.

But everyone is lying. All you have to do is look at median individual income. Household income isn’t an accurate measure of what kind of country this is. Due to cultural acceptance, 72 percent of black households are single parent. Nationwide the trend in 2010 was that only 26 percent of households were headed by a single parent. When we look at median individual income, we see what black people can actually do in the US.


Looks pretty bad for blacks, doesn’t it? Well, statistics can be used however you want. Let’s look at the median individual income of black Caribbean immigrants.


In 2009, black Caribbean immigrants had a median individual income of $30,000, the same as white Americans. However, “white Americans” includes immigrants: Canadians, Brits, Germans, Frenchies, Australians, Scandinavians, Russians, Poles, etc. The median individual income for native-born whites is undoubtedly much lower than $30,000. Black immigrants from Barbados, on the other hand, had a median individual income of $36,000, higher than that of all white Americans, immigrant or native born.

Compare press coverage of mass shootings. Aaron Alexis shot to death twelve people on September 13, 2013.


About 260,000 results on Google.

Search Dylann Roof.


About 13,300,000 results on Google.

The whole black-white race issue in the US is a fabrication. People make tons of money off of it. If a large percentage of black Americans want to be perpetual victims who never get their act together, that’s fine. The rest of us—including black immigrants—will survive. I wrote before about a kid named Thurman Biscoe, who literally saved my life when I was in fifth grade.

Bubba 2

What I didn’t mention was that every single kid who physically assaulted me was black. So: Black kids tortured me to the point that I seriously considered suicide, and a black kid saved my life. What does that tell us about black people?

Nothing at all. It just says that Thurman Biscoe was a magnificent human being.

As for the blather I heard and read today about a civil war and a race war, do you know who once tried to bring down the country by committing murders that would pit blacks against whites? This guy.


Charles Manson. He had white people killed in horrific ways in order to inflame public sentiment against blacks. White America would split into racists and non-racists, preventing the formation of a united front. Blacks would win an apocalyptic war, but because they were subhuman, they wouldn’t be able to run anything, so the Manson Family would take over and rule in perpetuity after emerging from a bottomless pit beneath Death Valley. Manson called his plan “Helter Skelter,” after the Beatles song.

Personally I see no difference between Charles Manson and this man.


They both prefer black people oppressed or dead. If you can’t perceive that, it’s not my problem.