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Echolalia is a disorder. Get some help so that you can stop

Echolalia is a disorder. Get some help so that you can stop

In the last few years of his life, my father developed echolalia.

“Where are you going?” I’d ask.

“Where are you going?” he’d answer.

Echolalia is the mindless repetition of what others say. My father had diabetes that he refused to manage. It wreaked havoc with his thought processes.

The rest of you have no excuse.

Manbij echolalia

Critics accuse Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve of killing as many as 160 Syrian civilians in the village of Altokhar near Manbij. While we can’t yet know the facts, the photos don’t show the aftermath of air strikes. A ridiculous Web site called “Air Wars” claims that the Syrians are burying civilians in a mass grave. WARNING: GRUESOME PHOTO AT THE LINK.

Syrians don’t dump their dead into shallow trenches, piled on top of each other. The photos show Syrians REMOVING bodies from a mass grave. Those people died long ago. Many of them are in an advanced state of decomposition. This doesn’t stop the idiotic echolalia.

Somebody carefully cropped these photos to make it impossible to find them by using a reverse image search. However, my hobby is debunking lies.


Therefore the photos date from 2013.

When those with no factual knowledge say “Shame on you!” it means nothing.

I don’t have echolalia

Next-generation soldiers are fighting terrorists in Syria. The chances that they accidentally killed 160 Syrian civilians in air strikes are zero. For one thing, they use specialized munitions designed to cause almost no collateral damage.

Another reason that the Arab League doesn’t make these kinds of mistakes is that they have the bravest men who ever walked the earth.

When you bomb a target with an aerial munition, you use a man on the ground called a “joint terminal attack controller” (JTAC). He’s an airman trained to function as an infantryman.

This is an Arab League air strike in Syria. My guess is that they bombed an Islamic State emir or commander.

Do you know where the JTAC was?



He rode a motorcycle almost to the front door of the Islamic State position.


Stop with the echolalia. Everything is different now. The weapons are new, but more importantly, the warfare is new. Thus the old lies have become even stupider.

Echolalia doesn’t always work

Repeating lies will make some armed forces curl into little balls and surrender. However, the people prosecuting the wars in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq have absolutely no fear. Men volunteer to be JTACs far behind enemy lines, and commanders draw up plans so audacious that I find them almost impossible to believe.

Here’s what the new warriors have that makes them invincible.

a) Technology from fifty years in the future.
b) Training levels never before achieved.
c) The desire for anonymity.
d) The perfect mix of idealism and pragmatism.
e) The will to do whatever is necessary.

That last characteristic is the most important. The United States no longer has the will to win. Americans think in terms of “ending wars in a responsible fashion.”

Well, the most responsible way to end a war is to defeat the enemy in such a way that he won’t take up arms again.

To the sufferers of echolalia: The Arab League has developed a method of war-fighting that will end war.

Not echolalia

I’m not mindlessly repeating what somebody else said. In fact, I’m the only person on the entire planet saying what I’m saying.

The Arab League has developed a method of war-fighting that will end war.

It involves turning pickup trucks into flaming midget-car racers.

Here comes the…whatever, right into the driver’s mouth.


Very hot and spicy.


The fastest customization job ever.


From this…


…to this.


In exactly one second.

Echolalia means you can’t listen

And if you can’t listen, it means you can’t think. I don’t know of anybody who’s adding things up.

The “attempted coup” in Turkey was far more amazing than people understand. I heard on the radio during the coup that according to the US, no aircraft flew out of Incirlik Air Base. However, Turkish radar records (Mode-S logs) show that four KC-135 Stratotanker refueling aircraft took off from Incirlik Air Base. They serviced the F-16 jets that took part in the coup.

Each KC-135 carries 83,000 pounds of fuel, for a total of 332,000 pounds.


Four F-16 Fighting Falcon fighters are said to have “attacked” Ankara. They belonged to the 141st Squadron, from Akıncı Air Base.


It’s 19 miles (30 kilometers ) from Akıncı Air Base to Ankara. The F-16s would take about 70 seconds to make the journey. An F-16 carries 7000 pounds of fuel internally, which increases to 12,000 when the two external tanks are added. The aircraft over Ankara had external tanks.


And no bombs.

External tanks give the F-16s an endurance of about an hour when the pilots use the afterburner (the long flame coming out the back).

After an hour, each F-16 would need 7000 pounds of fuel, for a total of 28,000. Remember that the coup plotters sent up four KC-135 tankers with 332,000 pounds of fuel.

According to everything I’ve read, the four F-16s were over Ankara from 10:00 p.m. to 10:25 p.m. All other information comes from Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, so it’s not reliable. The stories of dogfights, bombings, and so on are lies.

Echolalia makes it easy to fool you

This is the Grand National Assembly in Ankara. Look at the hole in the ceiling.


All the steel rebar is bent upward. Therefore an aerial munition falling from above did not cause that hole. There’s also no sign of fragmentation. That’s all blast damage.

Somebody used unknown methods of electronic warfare in order to create phantom plots on Turkish radar. The Turkish Mode-S logs show four giant tankers taking off from Incirlik, with enough fuel to keep the four F-16s in the air for more than 24 hours. But the F-16s were over Ankara for only 25 minutes, and the photos and videos show that they had no bombs.

While the Turks were repeating every lie and slogan under the sun, someone made them go berserk for no reason.


Then they had to start blowing things up to hide the fact that they all went insane. The Turks say that the F-16s bombed this car in front of the presidential palace.


There’s just one problem. The fragmentation damage occurred after the car completely burned to a crisp. You can see bright metal around the holes in the soot.


The coup pilots really hated that car, because they bombed it twice. They first used a non-fragmenting munition that made the car burst into flames. Then they waited until the fire went out before they flew back and bombed the car again, this time with a high-explosive fragmentation munition.

A high-explosive fragmentation munition that didn’t even touch the fence around the palace.




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