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Rattle the enemy with rumors, lies, and assassinations

Rattle the enemy with rumors, lies, and assassinations

The vast majority of the world is completely unaware of the Second Revolution in Military Affairs, which was led by Israel and the Arab League. What happened was that special forces were transformed from tactical to strategic assets. Israel has kept her capabilities hidden, but the Arab League has shown in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq that strategic special operators are capable of winning wars. One of their skills is their ability to rattle the enemy.

I realized by the middle of 2015 what was happening, so I knew what the outcome would be. Others have decided to ride the roller coaster of daily events, working themselves into frenzies of fear and rage for no reason. These people live in the past; I reside in the present, with the men changing the Middle East for the better.

Rattle by confusing

The Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD) announced on May 24, 2016, that they would liberate Raqqa, the Islamic State capital of Syria. I knew that deception, distraction, contradiction, and confusion would be major weapons in this operation.

Today people are panicking.


Deeply silly. For one thing, the QSD was always clear about its intentions.

[Democratic Union Party (PYD) co-chair Salih] Muslim said that the Kurdish-led SDF forces are currently not fighting to liberate Raqqa the city; the operation is only for the countryside of Raqqa, since no administration has been created yet to run the city in the post-ISIS phase.

In Yemen, Syria, and Iraq, each armed group is assigned missions that are within their capabilities. The QSD is not an army. Therefore it’s not reasonable to demand that the QSD engage in the deadliest form of fighting—military operations on urban terrain, or MOUT. The QSD is carrying out its part of the plan, while Arab League and allied professional strategic special operators infiltrate Raqqa to wreak havoc, rattle the Islamic State, destroy equipment, and kill commanders.

Can you spot the special operators in the video below, which was taken May 27, 2016, in the village of Naddah, east of Azaz, Syria?

These five are professional strategic special operators.


They’re very physically fit, they’re in total control of their weapons, and they’re headed for what appears to be a front-end loader (red arrow) that is burning. It was almost certainly hit with a shoulder-fired missile.

The two below are professionals.


The man marked with the red arrow has adopted the perfect posture for firing on the run: legs bent, rifle held high, head down to aim carefully. Every shot he fires is hitting the target. At one point he turns to speak to the man behind him. Do you know how hard it is to run, turn, speak, and shoot?

Finally, we see men armed with what I think is a Central Wisconsin Armory Dragon M-50 machine gun, a souped-up .50 caliber.


That’s the smallest muzzle blast I’ve ever from a heavy machine gun. Usually the muzzle blast looks like this.


Anyone firing the gun above becomes a target. The special operators are using low-visibility ammunition, another weapon that I didn’t know existed.

Rattle by killing

Arab League professional strategic special operators go after Islamic State and other commanders. The commandos use their skill at infiltration—as well as surveillance and identification technology—to track down the incorrigible terrorists who must be removed from the planet.

Colonel Steve Warren: So, his name was Maher—mike-alpha-hotel-echo-romeo, that’s his first name. His middle name is al—that’s alpha-lima. Then there’s a hyphen, and then it’s bravo-india-lima-alpha-whisky-india—Maher al-Bilawi.

And he was the commander of enemy forces there in Fallujah. Don’t know how long he had been the commander there. We killed him two days ago during a strike. This was, you know, this was a result of intelligence that we gathered on the headquarters and his location. And we had the opportunity to take the strike and we took it.

The number of Islamic State commanders killed in Iraq began skyrocketing in February of 2016. That was when Sunni Arab commandos joined the fight in Iraq. On the the side of Shia.

People(?) say dumb things to me.


That kind of superficiality leaves me speechless.

Then I shrug and move on. Saudi Arabia could level the entire Middle East in about three days. But the Saudis want the region improved, not destroyed.

Rattle by disinformation

I was going to show you a video of “Syrian rebels” firing a Russian 9M133 Konkurs antitank guided missile (ATGM).


The video in no way violated YouTube’s terms of service, but it was able to rattle someone into having it taken down. Luckily I saved it.


Here’s the tattooed actor-Mountain Hawk firing a Konkurs



The Konkurs is a wire-guided semiautomatic command to line of sight (SACLOS) munition. The operator watches the target through the thermal sight (red arrow below).


He keeps the sight on the target, and a tracking device watches a beacon in the tail of the missile, sending changes to the control surfaces via the unspooling wire.

This is what a real ATGM looks like.

Note that the missile motor is shooting flames right until the munition hits the target.


Well, in the (fake) Mountain Hawks Brigades video, you can initially see the smoke from the motor.


Then the motor stops, and the missile glides right into the cab of the truck.






That missile wasn’t a Konkurs. It’s another new weapon, a fuel-air explosive that didn’t kill anyone. There was no lethal fragmentation. The men who fired the missile were Arab League strategic special operators who simply wanted to destroy the enemy’s means of doing damage.

Rattle by pretending

Everyone agrees that the Syrian QSD did indeed launch an offensive against the countryside north of Raqqa. We saw American Special Forces wearing Kurdish insignia, remember?



The Turks were outraged.


No they weren’t.

To the east, a Kurdish-Arab alliance backed by the United States pressed an offensive against fighters north of the IS stronghold city Raqqa. Turkish media reported U.S. airstrikes and Turkish artillery fire destroyed several buildings used as an IS headquarters in the city.

The Turks are using long-range, precision artillery fire in support of the Kurds. American Special Forces wore Kurdish insignia to create a kerfuffle that would distract from the truly amazing Turkish military skill on display. They’re hitting individual buildings with 155mm artillery shells, over a distance of more than 50 miles (80 kilometers).


That’s unbelievable. Obviously the Turks have new weapons too. The most modern American precision-guided 155mm round has a range of 35 miles (57 kilometers). We can’t hold a candle to Turkish capabilities.

I keep saying that everything is under control. Don’t let social media and moronic journalists rattle you.

The Middle East will be at peace in five years or less. Guaranteed.

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